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Is there a Plugin to Automatically Create Tags

Is there a wordpress plugin that will automatically create tags at the end of my post? I need the tags to make the AutoSocialPoster AutoSocialPoster plugin work automatically…that is when I automate posting.

I can add the tags manually, but wondered if there was some sort of plugin that added tags in the form of {tags]dogs,cats,horses,rats[/tags} and would pick these from the main body of the post.

The AutoSocialPoster does this automatically but I don’t quite understand how its done and would like to have the tags in the format I mentioned.

I did a google search but didn’t get any definitive answers.

Linking Twitter To Facebook Question

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Keyword Research Question

William asks… Question About Completing Schedule C For Taxes? I’m doing my taxes, and my situation is a little bit different since I work as an internet marketer. I have a question about how to categorize some expenses on the Schedule C: In some cases, I’ve purchased: stock photos for websites website templates keyword research […]

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