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Which is Better WordPress or Blogger?

There is  warfare occurring in the blogosphere, and it bears nothing to do with bloggers insulting one another on their various blog sites. The warfare is more or less dealing with dominance in the blogosphere through some of the distinguished, several good, and dozens of abominable blogging platforms. The mediocre newbie suddenly has “too many” alternatives to select from, and the conflict for blogging domination is more raging than ever.

At my internet site and blogging sites, i am forever asked in the interview “Is WordPress more beneficial than Blogger?”. The reply, naturally, is “Yes”. But to actually realize why, it is crucial to consider both blogging programs side-by-side and ascertain which one you genuinely require. Here is a comparability scale:

1) How Easy is it to Set-up and Use?

Yep, it is a great deal easier to establish a blog on and acquire your own Bloggger website. You can be completed ten minutes flat. When you are set-up you are able to begin posting at once. Whenever you desire to include a graphic designer’s touch to your blog, you’ll find dozens upon dozenz of blogger templates which are available free of charge. Installation of WordPress notwithstanding could become a serious headache whenever you do not understand what you are doing. Because you are  hosting your wordpress blog on your own hosting setup, you’ll be commanded to download the installation files, next you’ll upload or ftp them to your server host, then you’ll establish and configure a database, then execute the configuration script.

Nevertheless, if you understand which type of hosting account to sign up for, make sure that you pick out one that includes Cpanel. If you have Cpanel, you are able to perform one-click installations, upgrade and removal of your WordPress blog platforms.

2) Customization & Advanced Use

Blogger does not allow for categories. You cannot arrange your articles and posts into dissimilar focuses, unless you understand how to work on the platform code. Using WordPress, not only are you able to include categories, you could also show each category differently on your main page. As a matter of fact using the right plugins you could even turn your WordPress into a magazine-like information portal.

WPAdsenseBoxMedium.pngPublishing using Blogger really is a pain in the butt. It takes forever to publish/post articles, particularly whenever you are doing alterations to the complete website. When using WordPress, publication is a good deal quicker, though whenever you encumber your system using all sorts of bells and whistles it can be just as tormenting. Using a Blogger account, you are able to include supplemental features such as “Shout Boxes” that improve fundamental interaction on your website. You can also acquire nice looking themes and cool little tools that you could add to the basic template files. Even so, you can’t do much more than that with Blogger.

When using WordPress, you have no limits. As cliche as that might sound, you get so much more than just themes…such as, supplemental “plugins” and sophisticated tools and you are able to also broaden WordPress to way beyond simply a blogging platform. Excitingly current talk is about applying WordPress as a inclusive, user-friendly Content Management System or CMS.

4) Copyrights and Ownership of Content

I began with Blogger and I will not say that it is not usable. Soon after using Blogger I began to get frustrated and disappointed with Blogger, and here’s why: Google Owns Your Content….. Google possesses the authorization to close down your blogger account without any warning if they don’t approve of what you are blogging on. You do not possess total control over your own blog. Using WordPress, you own the domain name and the blog is hosted on one’s own website. You’ve total control over your content.

Using the self-hosted edition of WordPress (not, you are free to write on anything you desire, and apply the software package in any capacity you desire. Yep, Blogger permits you to publish to your own domain name, but they still totally own the database that confines your blogging content! Do not forget that!

5) Search Engine Optimization and Traffic

There is this propaganda that because Google owns Blogger, they incline to prefer Blogger accounts. I won’t suppose that this is illogical, however from my understanding, there is no such discrimination.

I have heard as alot of accounts of becoming indexed quick and rating high up in search engines from both WordPress and Blogger users. If the content is beneficial, the spiders will arrive.

Once you post in Blogger, you can only “ping” a fixed number of websites, whereas using WordPress on one’s own domain you are able to ping as many blog directories as you desire, and you’ll begin experiencing additional traffic. Finally, I would state that WordPress is just somewhat in front in terms of optimization for search engines, and establishing huge numbers of traffic.

6) Money-Making Potential

There is not a doubt that it is easier and quicker getting started using Google Adsense if you have a Blogger website. As a matter of fact you are able to directly apply for Adsense from inside your Blogger account. You shouldn’t be too surprised by that since Google owns Blogger!

With WordPress, it could become tricky. A default installation is not adequate. You will require a few plugins and still a better theme to actually maximise the Adsense potential. But, this appears to be getting easier and there is even “Adsense income sharing” plugins around that let you share ad income with additional contributors and authors for your blog.

As you begin utilizing WordPress to make your Adsense websites, you will shortly discover what I think. It’s something you must experience for yourself. I can tell you one thing though – once you start using WordPress, you’ll never go back to Blogger.

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  1. Hi
    i have use both and in my mind it is better to start with blogger and then go to wordpress. Well it’s just for newbie like me.
    Great piece of information, thanks.

  2. scottparat says:

    Blogger is definitely easier to start with. Just remember the content isn’t yours….it belongs to Google and they can do anything they want with it, including deleting it.

    WordPress is becoming easier and easier to install and use. There are so many free resources available. Do a google search for “wordpress tips and tricks” or “free wordpress tutorials”

    Good luck


  3. JefGeable says:

    Hi, I use eBay to sell various products and have begun using [url=]Classified Ads[/url] which is working well. Does anyone have more site suggestions for free classified ad type sites? thank you


  1. WP themes says:

    WP themes…

    I love wordpress! Its not only a software for blogging. Its a full content-management-system. I personally like it more than typo3! :-)…

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