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Digi Auto Links Review

Just wait until you find out more about this new automatic backlinking plugin that will make Google associate your blog with other high ranking authority type blogs. Best part is it’s all done on autopilot.

Digi Auto Links Review

I’m beginning to think that Andy Fletcher is some type of imp who knows nothing but wordpress, coding and drinking beer someplace on the other side of the Atlantic.

Whoever he is, he just keeps cranking out seo type products for wordpress that are prefixed with “Digi” and do magic on your wordpress blogs.

What kind of magic you ask?

The kind of magic that gets your blog posts and pages indexed almost instantly and ranked right up there on page 1 of Google. Yep, I’d say Andy is riding the wave, everything he touches turns to Gold.

Face it, you want to make money with your blog…. you’d prefer to make a lot of money with your blog. Face the other fact, these days, everybody and their brothers are cranking out WordPress plugins, themes, widgets or some other magic designed to  give you that coveted first place on Google.

Guess what?

It’s not as easy as their finely honed salesletters would cause you to believe. Yes, that’s right… sometimes those sales letters tend to deceive and your new plugin just isn’t doing what’s promised. Nonetheless you keep searching, reading and trying to stay on top of WordPress and how to get your pages indexed, ranked and traffic pouring over your posts and pages…..people clicking on your links and buying your products. You now know it’s easier said than done.

I can empathize with you…. you see, those above paragraphs have been me. Always on the constant search for the best ….or maybe something that just works….period!

Andy Fletcher Releases New
Digi Auto Links Plugin

Well, I found someone who sells products that do what he says they’ll do….. that’s short for “they work”. Andy Fletcher has been cranking out products prefixed with “Digi” that do amazing things for your WordPress blogs. And I think I have them all :)

Actually Andy Fletcher has been selling products on the warrior forum for quite some time, back in the good ole days when a WSO was really a special offer of great value. His new stuff is nothing short of fantastic.

For instance, I have WPSyndicator …one of Andy’s plugins and when I finish this post and click on publish it will be indexed anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. Check out my Review of WPSyndicator.

Review of Digi Auto Links

Today I’m doing a quick review of Digi Auto Links. Actually, I just picked it up and I can let you know what it does.

This is kind of a long story, but a guy named Tony actually built the first version of Digi Auto Links and approached Andy….. Andy gave it a try and got the following results:

  • I had pumped so much link juice into my blog posts that I was consistently ranking on page 1 for more long tail keywords than I ever had before… including some I didn’t even realize I was targeting!
  • Blog posts that had never received backlinks in the past were now getting dozens… and driving a huge surge of traffic my way!

DigiAutoLinks works by creating super backlinks on autopilot in a special way. As Andy says:

You’re hijacking the traffic and link juice of the top blogs in your niche
You’re building a 100% Panda-friendly network by integrating your blog with the social web
You’re collecting free expert authority from having the most respected blogs connect to you

This time you’ll be tapping into a basic but unused power of wordpress, the pingback system. And these guys and coded, twisted and wrapped this plugin to cause you big benefits…. high quality backlinks. These backlinks ping so loud that Google HAS TO take notice.

This system has 2 things working for itself. The pingback system works and has been part of the super successful WordPress system. Google just won’t ignore these pingbacks.

DigiAutoLinks & Pingback Review

This is a quick overview of the pingback system:
It works like this:

  1. You find a blog post on a similar topic to yours
  2. You add a link to that post on your blog
  3. WordPress automatically creates a pingback on the other blog – that’s a link back to your blog with a short excerpt from your post. And because it’s the WordPress-approved way of connecting your blog to the wider web, it’s 100% white-hat.
  4. When it’s done, you’ve got a backlink sending link juice and targeted traffic your wayThis means when the searchbots see a pingback, they see a site that is well-connected, well –respected and has high-quality relevant content. When they see several, you’re practically forcing them to give your blog a gold star.

This is where the power of Digi Auto Links comes it…. Andy and Tony have automated the entire process for your blog posts and pages…. can you say Autopilot 100% ….that is, you sit back and drink a beer or spend your cash or make more cash :)

In Review of Digi Auto Links you’ll find just a taste of what Digi Auto Links will do:

With Digi Auto Links supercharging your blog, you’ll be able to:

  • Get laser-targeted traffic sent straight to your blog: If normal traffic = money, then targeted traffic is a hundred times better… and by exploiting the pingback system, you get traffic targeted with military precision
  • Add backlinks to every post on 100% autopilot: Want backlinks pointing to every post? Digi Auto Links finds the top 10 high-ranking sites that actively want to give you backlinks and connects you to every one
  • Build in the special type of link that forces Google to sit up and take notice: Because these aren’t just any backlinks… these are contextual backlinks, on high-traffic sites surrounded by the keywords that tell Google your blog is the place to be.
  • Hijack the respect and authority other blogs have built up through years of work: Having your blog connected to all the big players gives you instant authority… positioning you as an expert and making your content ten times more valuable, both to your readers and the searchbots
  • Create the deep links that keep your blog at the top of the Google rankings: Too many bloggers focus on their front page, leaving their posts to wither and die in the wastelands of page 27. That’s a waste of good content… but with ten push-button pingbacks for every entry, your posts will be alive, kicking and making money, while your competitors just gather dust.
  • Use the power of premium professional software: If I told you how much it’d cost to hire Tony as a developer, there’s a good chance you’d have a heart attack right now… but let’s just say this isn’t a guy you’re ever going to find on eLance. Luckily you don’t have to, because soon you’ll be offered this weapons-grade tool for a fraction of what you’d otherwise have to invest.

There’s a whole lot more you need to know about Digi Auto Links…. then again, you just might want to pick up a copy. As usual Andy has 3 different levels of license’s. I would suggest the Developer’s License simply because you’ll want to use this to flip sites, do work for clients and/or help some of your offline friends.

Well….. I need to work with this a little more and as soon as I get some results I will report back….. so keep your eyes peeled!

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