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How to Triple Your Sales in 10 Minutes?

banner.actionpopup-336x280How to Triple Your Sales in 10 Minutes?

I’ve attended a couple seminars in my day. At one of these seminars, a speaker on stage held a small cup. Then, he poured a ton of pennies over the cup. Most of the pennies ended up scattered everywhere on the floor. Only a small handful of pennies ended up in the cup.

He poured the pennies again, but this time, he put a funnel over the cup. Many of the pennies still missed, but he filled that cup with pennies.

The analogy is: if you capture as many leads as possible, you’ll make more sales and more money.

When people come to your web site – whether it’s a sales letter or content site – you want to convert them to something. If it’s a sales letter, you want to convert them into a buyer by paying you. If it’s a content site, you want them to register or add their own content to keep your site fresh… maybe click on an ad.

By adding a lead capture system to your site, you’re placing that “funnel” over your cup and getting more buyers.

That visitor might not yet be in the buying mood when you present your offer. Maybe he has lots of browser tabs open and he’s “researching” who he should buy from. Maybe he only has a limited amount of time and closes his browser before he’s done reading your sales letter.

Whatever the reason is, you can easily miss a sale. But by collecting a name and e-mail address on your site, you can get people on a list and follow up with them day after day.

There are many autoresponder services that will handle this for you. In addition, you can write follow-up e-mails that will automatically send them MORE e-mail after a certain amount of time.

You can send a welcome e-mail when they first sign up… then maybe another message tomorrow, and another the next day.

If there are some extra benefits they might have missed out when they read your page… you can remind them when you send these follow-ups. Give them one of the benefits in the message you send out on day three, and another benefit on day five…

You could try hard selling, and hit them with a sales pitch in every e-mail, or you could try a low-pressure high-content follow-up series… and offer an ethical bribe in exchange for opting in.

They want that free report, or free software, so they give you their first name and e-mail address. You send the free report via e-mail and then you can start sending them more content, or more sales pitches, over time… so even if they didn’t buy RIGHT NOW, they’ll buy eventually.

Is this legal? Of course… most autoresponder services will save the first name, e-mail address, IP address, URL, time and date of every subscriber… so you are protected. You have proof that someone asked for this information.

You ALSO have a one-click unsubscribe function at the bottom of every e-mail, so if someone wants to stop getting messages from you, they click on ONE link and are gone forever.

An awesome service that handles all of this is Aweber Autoresonders

They handle everything for you… the opt-ins, unsubscriptions… you just sign up, create a list, and they give you some cut-and-paste code that you can paste on your site… and instantly add a form.

Then you write the follow-ups you want to send, and when people signup, they automatically get these messages.

You can place this signup form on a pop-up, like one you create using ActionPopUp … so you can place this on ANY kind of site – an article site, made for AdSense site, blog, sales letter… anywhere! (We’ll discuss this in more detail later.)

That’s the long and short of how to triple your sales in just 600 seconds. Get an autoresponder if you don’t already have one, and place the Action Popup signup form on your site, to get people to signup to an autoresponder series, which will funnel them back to your order button even if they didn’t buy right away.

We’ll talk again soon…

Check out Action Popup today and start building your list faster!!


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