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Review of HTML2WP

Quick Review

Just got an email from my friend George Katsoudas promoting a new wordpress product called Html2Wp and as the name says its a worpdress plugin that turns static html pages to WordPress Pages, thought I’d do a quick Review of HTML2WP.

Now to be honest I’ve seen other plugins, pdfs, scripts and other curious methods of turning a standard html webpage into a wordpress page and all were clumsy to say the least. I’ve been in memberships that needed html pages turned into wordpress pages and you had to copy code, ftp, go to cpanel, download, paste, then upload… oh ya, then the pics and other files need to be loaded.  All these other methods worked but they were time consuming and open for error. So……

Review of HTML2WP

If I wanted to put up a PLR product salespage I would manually go through the process of creating a page template, uploading the PLR html page, the images, other folders and scripts if necessary and cross my fingers as I ftp’d the stuff to the site. Then you go into Pages click on templates, pick the right one and presto….. there’s your salespage….. if you’re lucky.

Click Here to See HTML2WP in Action!

Here’s the problem. If you use any of these old ways of turning an html page into a wordpress page and then decide to change your wordpress template ….. guess what? Your html page is lost, you have to manually go over and copy the files…… its a mess, trust me.

Well, George created a plugin called html2wp, (standing for html pages to wordpress pages) that whips up your sales, folders, images and creates a nice and need WordPress Page for you!

I watched the video and almost fell over because George has made this process so easy. Even a basic WordPress Newbie can do this. That means all the PLR stuff you have laying around can now be put online with ease.

George also build into HTML2WP the ability to use “shortcodes” …. this is way too cool. If you know what shortcodes are then you know how powerful they can be, if you have no idea ….don’t worry because you don’t have to use them.

Video of Review of HTML2WP

Watch the video below for a quick review of html2wp …. there’s a few other features I didn’t mention but you can watch as George uses HMTL2WP to create a salespage. Its a lot better than reading my words.

However…… if you find this helpful it would be nice if you could Click Here and purchase through my link :)

This is how easy HTML2WP works:

1) From within the plugin (no FTP software like Filezilla needed), you upload a static HTML page that already has the content you want, formatted exactly as you want it. You also upload any .css files and images.

2) IF you want, you can include in your HTML template “tokens” (shortcodes) that will be replaced during the conversion process by WordPress widget-ready areas. For example: [sidebar 1], [footer 1], [footer 2], [footer 3], [footer 4]. You click a button and then the page template is created.

3) You then:

a) go to “Create new page”

b) add a title to the page

c) under “Page Attributes” on the right, select from the “Template” drop-down menu the template you just created (for example: blue-background-salesletter).

d) Click “publish”



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