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Building Website Templates Through Image Slicing

One method of designing and developing a website is by creating an image of the desired website and then using a program like photoshop to “slice” the image into sections which are then used to build your actual website.

The same concept holds true to Xsitepro. Anyone with a knowledge of photoshop and understanding of how to slice images for importation into Xsitepro can create a website which is unique and looks exactly the way they want it to.

Bascially, you can use just about any template as an Xsitepro website template if you know how to create the template. Xsitepro comes with many standard templates, and I must say the templates that come with Version 2 look a whole lot better than those that came with Version 1.

Here’s a template I designed from scratch.

Free Dog Xsitepro Template

As you can see, the webpage or template has rounded corners….8 rounded corners to be exact :)

The site was put together entirely with Xsitepro Version 2

The template was custom created by me :)

So…your statement above about Xsitepro not using their own program is probably false, they just used a custom template to build their website.

Using the standard provided templates are great for adsense sites. Quick product sites and even doing a quick site for an offline client.

In my opinion you’d want to use a custom template to brand yourself and create your own look, if the website is your business or some sort of authority site you plan on spending a lot of time on.

Hope that helps!


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