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Creating Xsitepro Custom Templates from Photoshop

The below question and confusion regarding xsitepro and custom templates comes up often. Since Xsitepro uses a system unlike any other to build websites, having your custom website template designed correctly and put in the right format is of paramount importance. This is a conversation I had with an Xsitepro user looking to use his custom website image in Xsitepro

I am not the best at designing a sales site, so I hired a person who did a great job for me.

He has sent me the all the files in jpeg and html…

I have read here on the forum as well as looked in the guided and I do not see how
to import these files…

Do I do them one at a time and redesign the site with XSite or is there another way
to import the entire contents all at once…

I would appreciate any suggestions…

Then somone tried to explain how xsitepro uses templates and why you just can’t use an image or regular html.


Hi Brian:

The information you are seeking is in the big manual Part U Page 266.

I haven’t tried it yet, but as far as I can see, XSite Pro cannot import a full site prepped in another program, like dreamweaver. It can’t interpret the functions and paramaters used by the other program to understand what is required. It can do so if it is an XSite Pro product because it understands the formatting used.

Like me, unilingual English trying to read the manual in French or Italian.

I think you have to do some work. It is one of the larger sections in the manual.

You will undoubtedly receive better information from more expert persons than I, as they scan the forum.

Good Luck


Below is my suggestion to help Brian with is dilemma regarding converting an custom designed photoshop image into a custom xsitepro template.

Hi Brian

When creating a website with xsitepro most users will use one of the templates that are provided with the xsitepro program and use it to build their website with.

Others will purchase a xsitepro template and import it into their xsitepro program as their template for their new website.

Still others, like you, will have a custom template designed. Typically a template is created in photoshop or GIMP which are image editors. Next the image is “sliced” into pieces that then…..can be used in Xsitepro to build a template. This file is called an .xse file.

So…at this point you are half way finished. The guy who designed and built your website template finished the image part of the process….next it has to be “sliced” into sections and imported corrected into Xsitepro so that you will have an .xse file.

If you’re not following me, first you can’t use the files you have with Xsitepro.

Second …..the files you have need to be manipulated so that they can be used in xsitepro.

If you have photoshop of GIMP you can slice the images you have yourself….I have a series of videos that shows you how to do …see Make Your Own Templates

If you rather have someone do it, I can do what is needed, send me a PM, otherwise there are other people on the forum that might be able to help you.

Good Luck


To recap….design the look of your website in photoshop. Next slice the images into sections that can be used in Xsitepro to develop a custom Xsitepro Template. The process is simple but you really need to hire someone who has experience in both Photoshop and Xsitepro.

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