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Custom Xsitepro Templates

I ran into a blog post about xsitepro and how to use custom xsitepro templates, xsitepro is a template driven method of creating websites and anyone who has used it knows that the xsite templates all began to look alike…anyway I found some good information and examples on custom xsitepro website templates.

Anyone who has used xsitepro can easily tell when a website is created with xsitepro templates. One look at a website made with the provided or typical xsitepro template shouts out “Xsitepro”.

Not that using xsitepro is bad, but in my opinion the look is rather amateurish and not very appealing. Please…..don’t think I’m degrading Xsitepro. There’s no doubt that Xsitepro is one of the best programs for a newbie to create a website and get some content online…a very rewarding experience. Anyone can choose an xsitepro template, plug it into the xsitepro program and begin to build a website, edit the website and upload it to the word wide web.

This is my concern, as someone who runs an online business and offline business, I want the most professional looking website available. How a business physically appears will often determine whether that person will buy, the same applies to your website, if it looks like a 10 year old created it…..well, that visitor will click away as fast as his mouse finger allows!

It really isn’t difficult to overcome the amateur looking website, you can teach yourself how to slice a custom image of a professional looking template or you can pay a professional website designer who specializes in creating custom xsitepro templates. I can create an xsitepro template that is next to impossible for anyone to tell that the site made from xsitepro. Another option is to search for some 3rd party providers of xsitepro templates, you can find some pretty nasty stuff, but there are also some great looking xsite templates that are packaged together. Don’t be dismayed if your only option is to use the standard templates….using version 2 properly will allow you to turn those ordinary templates into some pretty nice looking websites.

If you want to see what a custom xsitepro template looks like, you can see a project I was working on recently, click here on custom templates or check on the resource box below to see what a custom template can look like.

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