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Free Custom Xsitepro Template for the Dog Niche

I created yet another free Custom Xsitepro Template!

This xsitepro template is designed for anyone wanting to start building a website in the dog niche. The Xsitepro template is very dog generic and show work for any subject, however, if anyone wants it customized just drop me a line and I’ll customize the template for $25.

I created this template for a free xsitepro website I did with some dog plr articles. The website is given away free when you purchase Dr Audrey Harvey’s Warrior Special Offer of Dog related PLR material. In brief you get dog plr articles, dog plr reports, dog plr ebooks and a dog plr website (from yours truely).

However, you can grab a copy of the Custom Xsitepro .xse file for the Dog Template for free.

Dr. Harvey’s package is being sold to raise money for the folks who have been affected by the fires in Australia. She’s a veterinarian who is familiar with those folks… please consider purchasing her package, the money is badly needed.

Don’t forget, get your free xsitepro template here!
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