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Free Custom Xsitepro Templates with Niche Health Products

I was looking around a few forums and found a post by Kim from Niche Health Products, and I wrote a quick post of praise for the awesome plr health related membership site that includes two free custom designed xsitepro templates each month. I posted my message below.

Hi Kim

I had to take a minute to make a comment about Kim’s Health PLR membership sites. Did you know you get 2 free custom xsitepro templates each month?

In the interest of full disclosure, I create Kim’s Graphics and Minisites for each subject….and for anyone who might be a bit skeptical, Kim didn’t ask me to make any comments here :)

I’m constantly amazed at the quality of Kims articles and books, the articles are thorough, well written and complete. All articles are based on keywords that will get you results.

Because I work for Kim, I know the quality that she insists on…and it’s second to none. She is completely committed to her members always attempting to provide the very best.

You might ask yourself, why should I use PLR…haven’t they kind of dissappeared into the electronic ethos as most IM trends?

The answer is yes….in most cases.

However, Kim’s health plr memberships focus on one specific niche that has the capability of being drilled down deeply….that being the Health Niche. The Health Niche is a hot niche composed of many sub-niches, which makes it an ideal niche for selling affiliate products, your own health products and/or developing small silo of minisites. And…if you’re motivated enough to combine these with your own network of blogs… out!

Each month you get 2 PLR packages ….each one focusing on a different health niche…things like influenza, old age, pregnancy, stress, aids and on …..and on…..

Since I do the graphics and minisites, I wanted to share how I do these. Each month I take each of the subjects and create a variety of header grahics, ecovers, flat book images, footers and full website templates in standard html and .xse the xsitepro format.

Keep in mind you get 2 xsitepro templates that are unique each month that will allow you to build your health based website directory on. This is big…go and try to get a custom xsitepro template made….it ain’t cheap!

I created a quick video so you can see an example of some of the website templates that are included:

Free Custom Xsitepro Templates

I’ve seen some adsense site packages that are wso’s selling for $27 or more. You’re actually getting two completely new adsense sites each month along with the PLR package!

I’m sorry….I just get really excited when I think of Niche Health Products…it’s been here at least 2 years providing the same high quality material each and every month.

If you have an interest in health related subjects…If you create websites for doctors, chiroprators or any number of health professionals….get them to sign up for this membership because the articles are perfect feeder articles to help their sites and/or blogs to get indexed along with being able to start autoposting.

Another idea is some of the numberous people that are involved with multi-level maketed health products. Most claim to cure just about everything…..what a better way to promote these products then by using some of the PLR articles and books for developing regular visits by those indexing spiders. Don’t mistake my intentions, I’m not making fun of these MLM products….I take a few myself and feel better when I take them than when I don’t… point is that an advanced mlm’er could make some hay with these articles, graphics and sites, by incoroporating some of the internet marketing strategies you’ve learned over the years. Things like building a list, marketing affiliate products…etc.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I’ve known Kim for at least 2 years and her focus on creating a superior product each and every month is second to none….I’m really proud to be part of the NHP project.

One more thing…we could provide you with the best of the best….and that’s what this is, however, all it takes is a little effort on your part to make these sites and articles stand out…..Yep, WORK is that 4 letter word most run away from…but I don’t want you to think that this is some magic membership that will make you 1000’s……as Dennis from OneKaDay says…set your goal at 5 bucks a day, accomplish the goal and then move it higher.

Grap this offer while you can…I don’t think you’ll see this kind of pricing anytime soon :)

Good luck to all!


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