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How to Get FREE Xsitepro Templates

How to Get FREE Xsitepro Templates?

XsitePro Version 2.0 is an awesome new version of Xsitepro with many enhanced features, however, the basic feature of building websites through xsitepro templates is still the main feature of this website building software application. Xsitepro comes with some prepackaged templates, but these templates have what I call the xsitepro template look….they almost look cheesy!

“The Xsitepro Template Look” is always noticed by anyone who has used the program and is typified by a square page with colored tables for navigation sections, header, footer and body. Across the top of the page is a table that is used for a header graphic or just colored with some h tags, and then you will see a navigational column which is basically just a table with a contrasting colored background and is positioned on the left or right side of the page, to recap, the xsitepro webpage template is composed of tables with colored backgrounds which in turn gives the xsitepro template a very square edged and boxy look, square box across the top, square box on the sides, square box on the bottom and square box in the middle The main section of the xsitepro webpage template is the body section, this is where the content of the webpagexsitepro custom .xse template is placed and typically it is another table but almost always has a white background…nothing too shocking or terrible about this! One of the things that really gives a hint that the page you are viewing is an xsitepro designed website is the 3 colum format, not that 3 columns is bad but simply because of the way the standard xsitepro website 3 colum template looks….basically you have a left navigation table, middle content table and right table to use for anything….all tables have colored backgrounds and it just plain looks square edged and boxy! And to finish the template design off, there is a table across the bottom of the page that is has a colored background and you can add various link components and text for footer content. Xsitepro has features most other website editors don’t, when finishing off the header you can add various linking components to attain the search engine optimization.

The good news is….you don’t have to settle for the standard looking templates that come with Xsitepro! Even though many of the templates available today for xsitepro are of some variation of the format I discussed above, some of the .xse templates are designed with images in the various tables the make up the template….try as they might, it’s really difficult to disquise the standard xsitepro template look. Now you’re wondering….what is the solution?

It’s tough finding a website designer that will design .xse or xsitepro templates, but if you find one, you can hire him/her to design a template for Xsite. It is an expensive undertaking because the designer first has to design the look of the website in a program like photoshop and then “slice” the website image and convert it into a Xsitepro Template file so you can the import it into your Xsitepro program.

I’ve seen people pay $25 or $50 for a custom xsitepro template….but it looks like crap. Expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $500 or even more for a great looking xsitepro cutom template! Yes, I know it’s expensive, but a good designer…someone who is good with photoshop and xsitepro can create a template for xsitepro that looks just like any other template or even better and bottom line, no one will be the wiser, they won’t be able to tell that you are using XsitePro Version 2.0!

How would you like to get your hands and 2 of these customized Xsitepro Templates each and every month without paying those outrageous prices? If you become a member of Niche Health Products you will get 2 awesome looking templates that you would never expect to be used with Xsitepro. This is a Private Label Rights membership and you get a ton of material along with the templates. In fact you get 2 complete minisites that are built with these templates, each minisite comes in 4 different versions!

Now, you may not be interested in the membership or the minisites but if you’re using Xsitepro templates this will be hard to pass up because you get the .psd files that the templates are made from….now that’s exciting and worth the price of the membership alone. In 12 months you could have 24 templates that can be customized into 100’s of niche specific xsitepro templates! Having the .psd files opens up a whole new door, you can use these files to create completely new templates that look awesome, just change some of the text. If your really good with photoshop you can change some of the images for a whole new look. The only way to comprehend what I’ve been discussing is to take a look at FREE XsitePro Templates and see a much more elaborate critique and see some actual websites built with Xsitepro templates used for Niche Health Products.

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