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New Xsitepro Local Business Directory Template

New Xsitepro Local Business Template looks very promising. Simple design allows any ambitious internet marketer enter the offline marketing niche. Although not available yet, the Xsitepro Local Business Directory Template will soon be launched. Get on the notification list by signing up at the bottom of this post.

Offline marketing can be very profitable and there are many different types of business models to follow. Basically offline marketing is the concept of helping a brick and mortar type business by using your internet marketing skills to give the business an online presence.

From that definition you can see how it would be possible to come up with a variety of different marketing schemes. It could be as simple as creating a Blogger Blog with an opt-in form for building a list or even a Squidoo page with an otp-in form for list building. You could make it as complex as desired offering many different options for driving foot traffic to the offline or brick and mortar business.

I’ve been working on a Xsitepro Offline Directory Template that is a little more complex than the standard Xsitepro Template and is designed for the offline marketer. The template can be used for a simple offline directory or offline portal to a very complex directory or portal. The below image is a sample Local Offline Directory in Mchenry, Illinois.

bestofmchenry-3-shotsThis template is designed to be used by the offline marketer to go from city to city or town to town with the intent of advertising and marketing local business operations….driving traffic to their websites, advertising their business through appropriate keywords and marketing their businesses by offering list building through optin forms.

The Xsitepro Offline Directory Template is designed to provide a multitude of monetization models. Across the top are 3 ads with images. These appear on each page and can be sold for $100 plus per month. The ads can be stationary or rotating.

Below the 3 ads across the top is a Xsitepro’s dynamic menu. I’m working out a few kinks but it should serve perfectly as an easy method of navigation.

The main panel is configured with a premium advertising space. The premium ad could start at $200 plus a month, of course it depends on the traffic you’re getting. The space would feature an image along with an advertising message which would contain a link back to the advertiser’s site.

I haven’t really developed the left navigation colum yet. I’m not sure I like the scrap paper look….but we’ll have to see how it works out. The Nav Column could feature more ads or banner space to advertise along with providing some standard nav links. A rotating banner space could work out well….something like special of the day or week. Again, this feature would be sold as an add on.

I think one of the most interesting features is the premium advertising page here’s an example for Forever Floors in Mchenry. Many small businesses don’t have a web presence, they do not have any type of web page and the thought of getting online scares the crap out of them. The Premium Advertising Page is basically a single one page website they can have. It includes their basic information along with an advertising message and a few images. Most importantly this page can be used to get them on Google Local. I have a few things to do on this page yet, but take a look and see how you might use this page.

There’s more but this will give you an idea of what Xsitepro Offline Marketing Template will offer. All pages will come with basic templates that you simply copy and paste. Of course Xsitepro’s full compliment of features will be able to be used on the entire site. This will give you, the offline marketer, tremendous flexibility and power.

I have to say the income potential with this type of template is unlimited. You are limited only to your imagination and ambition. You won’t get rich over night sending out a few emails….but if you approach this as a real business, get on the phone, knock on doors and figure out how to set up a local business directory in your own neighborhood, town or city… can then take this worldwide.

Keep an eye on Best of Mchenry Local Business Directory and watch for my lauch of the template very soon! Leave your name and email address in the form below and you’ll get the template at a very special and reduced price when I release it…..only if you sign up to the list though!

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