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Create A Table in Xsitepro Version 2.0

I have used the table function in Xsitepro version 1, but the new version of xsitepro…. version 2 has really blossomed into tool that let’s you really create and decorate your tables. You can created dotted borders, multi cells…in general the formatting has 100 times the options in the new version of xsitepro.

Xsitepro Version 2.0 has some great features for working with tables. The ability to enhance and customize a table has been greatly enabled in Xsitepro version 2.

Tables have long been the most popular way to design a website. Although those that command the web would like to see everyone using CSS, it still remains that working with tables is easiest and a great way to put together a quick website ranging from a simple salespage style to more complex forms of websites.

Xsitepro allows you to easily add or customize your site with css and I suggest you learn how to use it. The reason is because that is the direction webdesign is headed and it is most compatible with just about all the popular browsers. Websites load faster when using css, and I’ve been told that they are easier on the search engines.

Still for the newbie creating a webpage with tables is the simplest way to get started and organize a webpage. For instance you can draw out your webpage on a legal pad and visualize the page as a series or boxes or tables. It becomes easy to take your concept to webpage design.

Xsitepro really does make it easy to work with tables. In fact, the templates are all based on a table with a series of cells organized to give you a header, navigation tables, main table, footer tables plus a few extra with xsitepro ver. 2.0

I found a couple of videos that will help you understand the concept of tables and Xsitepro version 2.0, please check them out.

Xsitepro Version 2.0 Video 1

Xsitepro Version 2.0 Video 2

Great table videos…. don’t ya think!

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