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How to Integrate a Shopping Cart Using XSitePro

Xsitepro and Shopping Cart were two words that were difficult to use in the same sentence. Simply because there wasn’t a lot of information about how to add a shopping cart to xsitepro.

Well….now you can watch a video that explains how to use Xsitepro and a Shopping Cart.

This is good stuff and answers the questions regarding ecommerce and Xsitepro!

Integrate a Shopping Cart into Xsitepro for a quick ecommerce website.

In less than 10 minutes this video tutorial will show you how incredibly easy it is to create a fully e-commerce enabled website in XSitePro, complete with shopping cart page and payment processing. Very cool!

And if you are an XSitePro Club member (you need to buy a copy of  Xsitepro), you can see an extended version that goes into a lot more depth about exactly how to set things up.

And if you need to find out more on shopping carts, grab this free book, no optin required (at least not yet)

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