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SiteOrigin a Free WordPress Theme, Page Builder and Plugins

I’m somewhat of a WordPress Theme junkie. I collect more than I use and I buy way more than I will ever use but I just can’t help myself. In reality, no one ever has to buy a WordPress theme because the quality of Free WordPress themes has gotten so high. I’m always running into […]

How to Set Up an Ecommerece WordPress Blog

I just got done watching a set of videos, Mart Expert, on how to use woocommerce with wordpress to easily and quickly set up online stores! I’m amazed at how simple things continue to get. I’ve gotten spoiled using worpdress, I don’t do much coding anymore ….just type away, add a few plugins and presto…. […]

WordPress Starter Guide WSO Review

  I usually get all of Sean’s themes and plugins so it follows that I would check out his new venture into PLR books with this book WordPress Starter Guide. Thought I would do a little review of what I found. Just read the ebook, good solid information can be used as is. If the […]

Free WordPress Silo Plugin

Abbas Ravji provides a free wp plugin for building your site based on a silo structure. Great information and great plugin. Not sure of the exact location, but you an start here for your free wp silo plugin, you might want to pick up his keyword tool called HQSuggest, very handy for building websites, writing […]

A Review of AzonRocket

I swiped an email from Tony Shepherd today because he says what I’ve I believe in. His prose is to the point and the guy is a genuine good guy. I even left his affiliate links in place! Of course if you want… you can help me out and buy from mine 🙂 Tony is […]

Review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme


One of my interests and focus is on helping local businesses to get online with good looking websites.This review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme will help you decide if its for you in your offline and local marketing I want to provide the best functioning websites that are appropriate for the type of small […]

Review of Responsive Theme Machine


Hey Mark….Responsive Theme Machine is a brilliant piece of software! I picked up a copy overnight…. no problem with downloads. I thought I would do a quick review of Responsive Theme Machine Software. Sometimes we make things too complicated, buying offline/local themes that need a lot of TLC to get some small local guy a […]

WP Stealth Notes Review


I left a post over at the warrior forum, in the wso section that was kind of a Review of WP Stealth Notes. I thought I would paste it here. This plugin is awesome, I can think of so many different ways to use wp stealth notes on a blog for offline marketers, local businesses, […]

Your Own WordPress Plugin Store ….Cheap!

Your Own WordPress Plugin Store ….Cheap! How would you like to set up your own online store selling popular wordpress plugins? You do realize that wordpress is one of the most popular website building applications on the internet don’t you? Do you realize you can do just about anything on your site by installing a […]

WordPress Tutorial On Posts, Pages, Comments and Categories

WordPress Posts, Comments, Pages and Categories Explained  WordPress is quickly taking over the web as a method of building websites. Simple knowledge of how it works will help you get the most out of wordpress and careful backing up of wordpress site will ensure you don’t lose any of your precious data! Ten years ago […]