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G Alert Plugin For Auto Content Curation

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Review of G Alert Plugin

Have you heard of content curation? Seems to be a recent “buzz” word dealing with the building of websites and real, useful and unique content. There’s a new plugin called “G Alert Plugin” or “GAlert Plugin” that automates the curation process. Basically its a new generation autoblogging plugin that does some pretty awesome stuff.

I swore off wso’s for a week and then I ran into G Alert Plugin. After seeing what it could do I just hit the buy button…. then I thought I would do a quick review of G Alert Plugin now and then at the end of next week after I get to use it for a while.

Have you heard of content syndication or Panda proof autoblogging? Autoblogging was a “buzz word” or “buzz concept” for building blogs and websites on autopilot using plr, and other duplicate content. The Panda decided it did not like and approve of these kinds of sites. It seems we go in cycles, we figure a way to build crap sites and blogs with garbage content….. Google is fooled for some period of time, of which a good number of internet marketers make some serious cash….but then Google grows a Panda who’s main purpose is to clear the world wide web of these worthless garbage sites. So….we temper the garbage sites by figuring out how we can mix up some real content with the garbage content and see it that might work for a while. It really does get old and for the life of me I don’t know why we just don’t make real websites and blogs with worthwhile information that will edify, uplift and inform. This type of site will stay forever.

But….sneaky, impatient little devils we are, we keep seeking to get the edge on the next guy and we keep trying to push Google to find out how we can make our crap content acceptable. That’s basically the name of the game. And honestly, it can be fun…. even if it’s to see if you can outsmart big “G”.

It’s just too tempting to figure out a way to put good content on your blog automatically. So, I’m always interested in the new plugin that grabs content from some new source and automatically puts it into your blog. I just grabbed G Alert Plugin and I wanted to do a review of G Alert Plugin because it is one of the most awesome plugins I’ve run across for autoblogging. I’ll be playing with it for the new week and will do a full review of G Alert Plugin, but in the meantime you should Click Here to pick up a copy before it gets too expensive. You know, one of those stupid dime sales….I hate those things.

Ok, Click Here if you just want to check out GAlert Plugin.

I wanted to do a review of the G Alert Plugin and I didn’t know if I should call it review of GAlert Plugin or review of G alert Plugin. Like so many wso’s the product isn’t clearly branded. Blows me away, how can you sell something when you don’t even know what to call it. Do a Google Search for G Alert Plugin and up pops all the blackhat sites, but those guys are out of luck because you need registration details to activate the plugin. Besides it’s less than 10 bucks for a single user license and this is the type of plugin that you need to keep updated on a regular basis. Nonetheless, I find the blackhat forums useful for honest opinions of products and services, those guys don’t mince words and if a product sucks…. well they will tell you!

GAlertPlugin is a WordPress plugin that grabs content from Google Alerts, you can add your own spun content, put in categories, post multiple times per day, control the amount of content and from the sales letter Google seems to love the fact that we are spreading this content around. Simply because we can specify keyword rich content and build a blog around that particular keyword content. It uses the best spinner api and you can randomly add snippets or paragraphs of unique content on a random basis. This thing is loaded, I love the fact that you can manipulate content to the extent that G Alert Plugin lets you. From what I understand there are many upgrades planned.

Before I say much more I need to play with it and take it for a though test drive or road trip, so you should grab a copy of G Alert Plugin today if you are into autoblogging and want to see a very unique approach using content that’s been kept behind closed doors.

I might add that you can pick up a single site license for less than 10 dollars, but don’t waste your time. Get the developers license a little over 20 bucks, you can use it on clients sites or build a few sites and then flip them…..a whole lot of value in the developers license.

Here’s a few comments from GAlert Plugin users:


Thanks. One of the problems with curating as you know is its time consuming if you are doing it correctly. Which makes having more than one curated site difficult to manage if you are a one persons shop as most of us are.

With your plugin, maybe I can manage a few curated sites….one or two to keep for monthly income and one to flip down the road for a lump sum pay day.


Just purchased at a sexy price! This will be a sweet addition to my arsenal of WP Robot, WP Magic and related RSS plugins. Also, the feature to link in MULTIPLE twitter accounts and then randomly select the accounts that will receive notifications about the blog posts will definately help with big Gs ever increasing emphasis on “social signals”!

I’ve been looking for something like this since reading Big Mike’s Content Curation ebook from a recent WSO purchase!

Many are saying “Autoblogging” is dead, but they’re usually using it incorrectly – as a data mining tool to assist in developing a related whitehat site and as a traffic feeder!

Ah, after reading the manual it would seem that The Best Spinner API, RSS feeds and Google Alerts integration should get the Big G Spider’s attention!!

Well thought out; tightly integrated into WP and with licensing to keep freeloaders out and having the training site framed internal is a nice touch…

Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the “G Alert money training system” referenced in the manual!

Just dreaming, but maybe some day a pro version that will have one install to control many blogs with it’s own API down the road? Dreaming, but still I think this with the rank tracker and WP Momentum plugins may be an interesting model!

Very sweet and nice low price. Get it while it’s hot, y’all!
Originally Posted by Alessandro Brunelli View Post
Yeah, I don’t see how this plugin can be beneficial neither and what “curates” at all. From the demos I can only see that this plugin is just scraping content. Curation is when you do use excerpt of a page but you help the reader before and after the quote by writing your own ideas and correct reference. Like in an academic paper…

Did I miss any part of this WSO?
Thanks Alessandro,
Not scraping in any way – bringing in the RSS feeds from sources – and combining them from multiple sources. Then posting them in snippets.
The BIGGEST part – and you are EXACTLY right – you can add in your own excerpts… and the software will post them for you.
Now – as mentioned… is this the same as manually curating content… and hand selecting what is published and manually writing reviews etc.
No. not at all.
But then it wouldn’t be an automatic plugin of that was the case.
any automated system will never be a replacement for a hand curated blog…
It is designed to be a fast method to do this – and rapidly have good content, brought together and added to with unique snippets.

Thanks again for the input –
I hope that helps.


I had my fill of wso’s for this month, but they just keep coming and some of the material, software, plr, and concepts are getting really good… I mean they have value and potential for making money online.

Right now it seems as though there is a ton of PLR products being sold….most of it looks like good stuff from reputable warriors. You’ll find all kinds of information on seo and backlinking. I’d spend a small fortune to review all of the material. WordPress plugins and themes have been going strong all year. It’s interesting to see how common problems are solved with some of the wordpress plugins.

One more time, this is an awesome plugin and if you have some unused domains laying around why don’t you pick up a developers license and flip a few sites…. easy as pie with GAlert Plugin….. get one now!

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