You've purchased all the marketing guru's books and courses, you might have even read them... and you're still not succeeding the way you thought you would online?

It's very likely that it's not your fault because you haven't been told everything you need in order to succeed...

Are you frustrated because you've tried just about everything and you're still not getting the results you were looking for? Here are a few things about succeeding online that and that no one's ever told you about...

FROM: Scott Parat

Dear Friend,

If you love the Internet as much as I do then you're constantly trying to find a way to make a living from this wonderful new medium.

Now, Dave Vallieres, the author of hundreds of articles and reports on Internet marketing, the author of three ebooks: ebaY Secrets Revealed; Electronic Publishing 2001; Digital Selling Power and The ONE Marketing Secret That Could Make You Rich and more has opened an incredible new private site and resource for struggling Internet marketers and has agree to partner with me to make you a very special, limited time offer available on this site right now.

This incredible new Private resource gives you all the marketing shortcuts, tricks and tips that are used by the largest Internet marketer's online but will never tell you about (including all of Dave's never before revealed methods!). These tips and tricks will help you make a living from the Internet in the shortest amount of time possible and finally help you start succeeding in a way you cannot imagine.

STOP: There's a reason you may have not succeeded yet on the Internet yet even after trying your hardest, and if you keep reading, you'll learn what it is and why it's probably not your fault at all.

If you're making anywhere from $20,000 per year to $60,000 per year in a job now, Dave will show you how you can start making $60,000 to $200,000 per year in your own business, on your own time, on the Internet.

If you already have a business on the Internet Dave will show you how to increase your sales so fast that you'll never think of working for anyone else ever again. You'll finally be on your way to the lifestyle and income you've always dreamed of.

And, you don't have to have a lot of money to make a lot of money on the Internet... you can literally create businesses from simple 'ideas', test them and have positive cash flow in hours!

You know why I'm so sure you'll succeed online if you follow Dave's advice? Here's why: As simple as these skills are to develop fewer than 1 in 10,000 online entrepreneurs ever do it right because they are not getting the 'right' information- the information you need to win. Dave is finally going to teach you how to do it 'right' and how to win... just please pay attention and I'll show you exactly what I mean.

It seems there is so much information about Internet marketing, building web sites and getting traffic online that no one should ever have an excuse for not succeeding.

I mean, it seems like every week another "Brand New" information product is developed that'll tell you everything you need to know about making money online. Every new product promises you 'secrets' that'll unlock the vault to an Internet fortune for you.

Now, I'm not knocking anyone's product, but ask yourself: Even with so much information available, very few web site owners earn any cash at all from their sites... why?

You'd think that after reading the great Internet marketing books by the biggest and most famous of Internet marketing teachers many people would be a success online!

Why aren't more people a success then? You've probably purchased one or more of the books and courses offered by these very successful Internet marketers, didn't you? But are you making the kind of money you thought you would?

Why aren't you making $200,000 a year? How about $100,000? Are you making less than $20,000 a year from your web site? Why shouldn't you make more money?

One of the reasons there aren't more Internet successes is that people read the books that teach them to succeed but they never do something or do anything with the knowledge. They never take action... but that may not be your'll find out why in the next paragaph.

The simple answer to your lack of success is that you're watching the wrong program. You're watching the beautiful display of fireworks, but not what it takes to create the 'show' . You're the paying customer, the guy or gal in the audience... you're not involved in the production of the show and you're not privileged to be on the 'inside'. You're part of a gigantic entertainment production where the hand is quicker than the eye so all you see are the results of the production: The ebook, course etc... but not the work that went on behind the scenes to get the book in your hands.

You're looking over 'here', while all the stuff that goes into making it 'work' is over 'there'. You're buying tickets to the show but haven't been given any 'backstage passes' where all the real preparation for success takes place. You're not an 'insider' and you're not allowed to see 'behind the scenes'.

All information products in one way or another are meant to be 'entertaining'.... and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but what happens is that most information publishers create products that keep you entertained and fascinated rather than teaching the blunt truth or showing you how to really succeed because it's too embarrassing for them to tell you the truth.

Let me give you an example: There's one very famous Internet marketer that Dave investigated whose web site attracts thousands of visitors a day and he makes a huge income from all that traffic. But he never mentions this method of HOW he attracts thousands of visitors a day, or how he got such good search engine exposure in the first place in any of his ebooks or courses. He mentions lots of other methods, but not this one... why?

Why would he leave this extremely important information and techniques out of his ebooks and courses? Maybe because it's embarrassing, maybe because it involves a bit of 'trickery'... I don't know.

It's just, well, better 'not to talk' about it because he doesn't want his 'reputation' harmed perhaps. It's only natural not to reveal something that you're not sure what your audiences' reaction would be.

See what I mean?

Do you hear exactly what I'm saying here? There are people who will tell you how to succeed in their ebooks, and then there are ways they "actually use" to succeed that they'd rather not admit to... not because they are wrong (or maybe they are :-), but because they're too darn simple or easy or embarrassing to admit they are using these methods. It may also mean that they are too good to reveal and are really 'trade secrets' that they wouldn't discuss for any amount of money!

This fascinating discovery of how he was generating such wonderful exposure in the search engines and getting such terrific traffic came about because Dave simply 'opened his eyes' to what this 'guru' was really doing to succeed and did not pay attention to what 'he said' he was doing to succeed. Then he wrote about his 'discovery' in a report to his members. This simple, but effective 'trick' will never be mentioned anywhere else except Dave's Private Area, it's for your eyes only. This discovery and hundreds of others are waiting for you inside!

Dave Vallieres internet marketing InfoProduct Lab for making money at home

You'll get instant access when you order!

Here's just a small sample of the reports you'll find as Dave investigates what's being 'left out' and not reported in most ebooks and courses about being successful online:

Underground Traffic (A Marketing Cheat)
"Cheats" in online lingo are secrets, undocumented tips and strategies for winning video and PC games. "Marketing cheats" are like that too- undocumented tips and strategies that are used by successful Internet marketers. "Underground traffic" is a new strategy being employed by top Internet marketers to grow their businesses. The good news is, you're going to learn exactly what it is and how to do it yourself. When you're done you'll learn how to generate 1,000's of real live visitors to your site every day for years to come for just pennies. The bad news is the opportunity to exploit this strategy will not be available for very long (maybe the next 11 months at the most) so you need to jump on this right now... (BTW -"Cheats" in online lingo are secrets, undocumented tips and strategies for winning video and PC games. "Marketing cheats" are like that too- undocumented tips and strategies that are used by successful Internet marketers)...

Online Digital Publishing Business Nets $90,000 to $150,000 Per Month And Delivers The 'Product' By Email?
Here's a business that ONLY exists on the Internet, sells a 100% 'digital' information product which is delivered via email -at no cost- and is netting a sweet $90,000 - $150,000 a month in profits. This is the most incredibly profitable, all 'digital' publishing business I have ever seen on the Internet. Who, how and why this model works...

Get Higher Rankings, A Huge Boost In Traffic and Make More Sales On Your Site With One Simple Perl Script!
This simple way to boost your ranking at Google and other major search engines and generate a ton of new sales on your web site! It's so easy it'll make your head spin! FULL INSTRUCTIONS on how to use it!

Screen Capture Videos Are Near Perfect Instant Info-Products, But...
I love to produce screen capture videos on my PC because in just under 5 minutes I can have an info-product. Pc-videos sell easily so they're solid profit producers, but the leading software in this field costs $349. I just found an FREE screen recording program that also allows you to output your screen capture movie to Flash(TM)! It also gives you the ability to take any AVI movie and convert it to Flash...

How To Get Consistently Good Marketing Results
This is intended to be a broad overview of the kind of marketing that gets good results. We will discuss very specific ways to implement the plan. Now, I am not talking about the kind of plan that you might have learned in Marketing 101. Not at all...

How To Be An Information Millionaire Starting Today (Techniques From A Master)
"Welcome to the business of selling information. I call it info-preneuring. (An info-preneur is an entrepreneur who sells information.) It is the most exciting business in the world. If you do this business right, within a few months, total strangers will be sending you money for your ideas.... even if you think your ideas are worthless!"

My Rolodex: Essential Information Product Developer List of Free Tools
Some people call a list like this their "Million Dollar Rolodex", etc. I couldn't really understand why they placed such a high value on a simple 'list' of tools and resources until I thought about it for a while: It's taken me 6 years to put this list together and it has both saved me and made me thousands of dollars. It's also saved me an incredible amount of time just having these at my fingertips. So, in that sense I would say it's a very valuable list. These are the Best-of-the-Best infoproduct production, market research and Internet time saving tools I have ever found. Most, if not all of these gems are 100% ad-free and spyware-free too...

How A Stupid Mistake Made Me $784 In 3 Days
Mistakes usually cost me money, but this one made me money... $784 to be exact. Here's what happened, how it ended up working in my favor and how you can duplicate it on your web site...

How To Generate A Constant Flow Of Traffic and Sales With Almost ZERO Marketing and Advertising Costs
The problem for most small businesses is not finding a product or service to sell, or customer service or how to count the money you make…it's: "How do you find hungry markets for your products or services and generate leads and sales every day to make a living?" LARGE SPECIAL REPORT.

TeleSeminars Are VERY HOT... Here's How To Create Them FREE
With this free resource you can schedule telephone conference calls with up to 32 participants, send email invitations and manage conferences from any Web browser...

Create An Ebook In Hours Instead Of Days or Weeks Without Typing
There are certain tools that info-product developers use that are far easier than those used by the majority. How do big name product developer's create a new information product each week? What's their secret? Here's one...

How Pursuing Your Passion Can Lead To Unlimited Information Product Ideas
Pursuing your passions is not just a way to self-fulfillment, it's also a way to profits in business...allow me to share with you how I create my own information products (a 'behind the scenes' look at my personal creative methods)...

How To Make Sure Your Subscribers Are Really Reading Your Newsletter
How often do you send out a newsletter to your opt-in subscribers? Once a day, once a week? How do you know how often you should send a newsletter? What essential elements are necessary for it to be opened and read by your subscribers? We dig a little into what makes a newsletter important enough to be 'read' and include a small 'scriptlet' of code to track when, and if, your email newsletter is opened...

A Sneaky Way To Make Money On Am*azon AND Get FREE Leads - Much, MUCH Better Than Their Affiliate Program!
I've been making about $80-$150 a week for 1 hour worth of work. If you put more into it you could probably do better ($500 a week for 5-10 hours is realistic), but I'm involved in other things- so I do this just for extra money...

Why People Buy Information Products - A SPECIAL REPORT
Creating killer information products requires three things: 1) Marketability; 2) Focus; and 3) Benefit. Learn how each of these factors contribute to create the perfect information product that will make you money, year after year, guaranteed...

Re-Using Public Domain Information and Creating Titles That Sell Books
How to re-use public domain info and how to create titles that will sell books...

My Personal BIG Money Making Secrets
Want To Make BIG Money In Your Own Information Publishing Business?... then you need a plan. Here's the one I've used for the last 3 years since I quit my executive job and started making my living as an entrepreneur. This is the FIRST time I have ever revealed my 'true secrets'... I hope you learn something useful and profit from them...

What's Your Back-Up Plan For Your Web Site? If This Doesn't Scare You Into Making One, Nothing Will...
What do you do when you've worked hard to put up a great website, create tons of content and begin a marketing strategy that finally starts to pay off... but your web host shuts you down, without notice, without warning? What would you do? It happened to InfoProductLab not too long ago and here are a few things I learned during the crisis...

Need An Simple and Easy Digital Product To Market and Sell? Here's How With No Investment...
As we all know, your largest profits will come from your own product. If you don't want to (or can't) make the heavy investment in a CD or DVD burner, or don't want (or have time) to write an ebook and you don't even want to handle shipping or fulfillment read this report how a new system lets you create your own audio CD's online by uploading MP3's and have the CD's sent for you automatically to your buyers without lifting a finger...

Using JavaScripts To Boost eBook Sales And Prevent Commission Theft
Affiliate links are long and unattractive. Worse, they can be manipulated to steal your commission. Even with the changes ClickBank has made recently, stealing your affiliate commissions is waaaay too easy. I'll show you how it's done then show you how to stop most forms of commission theft using a free script and a commercial script...

One of the Most Credible (and Reliable!) Marketing Methods On The Net
How many emails do you receive and respond to each day? Email is a wonderful form of communication but it also is a wonderful marketing tool if used correctly. One method of marketing is through "sig" files, but if you have more than 2 or 3 programs or ebooks you're promoting it's difficult to get them promoted with only a single sig file. Here's a solution to changing your sig file whenever you want... or let it run on auto-pilot so you can rotate them and promote as many programs as you want...

Little Idea Makes Pretty Big Profits...
I began to think of all the ways I've made money online and went back through my monthly statistics to determine which online marketing project netted the largest amount of CASH vs effort expended. I want to share with Members the ONE that generated the MOST CASH, with the LEAST EFFORT. This one "little" idea has made me some pretty BIG profits over the last couple of years. I hope it helps you too...

New FREE Email Tools Make Your Internet Business Easier
Email is essential to doing business on the Internet. Whether it's mailing to one customer or 2000 you need are some hassle free tools that will get the job done. It's even better when they're free. Here's a list (and downloads) of some email tools I use that allow you to do some really amazing things. No techy stuff, just plain easy to use tools that are 100% free, no banners, pop-ups- or spyware...

Is Your Site Profitable? If Not, This Might Be The Reason...
There are potentially many things you can do with a website to generate a profit... direct sales, create a portal, create a community, collect leads, educate, sell advertising, etc... the problem is most sites try to focus on more than one goal and end up doing poorly because of it. Here's how you can fix that immediately and get your site back on track to higher profitability instantly...

A Simple (and free) Incentive To Get Subscribers To Your Ezine Or Mailing List
Almost everyone uses incentives to get people to sign-up for their ezine or mailing list. If you really want to super-charge your sign-ups and pull far ahead of the pack, pay close attention to this idea I got in the middle of the night and add it to your arsenal. The idea was so powerful it literally made me sit up in bed and pay attention!...

Private Labeling On The Web: A Growing Business Opportunity
Opportunities for private labeling on the web are available, but hard to find. They are a growth opportunity for those who can find them. Here are a few of the BEST private label programs on the web and they're all in very HOT markets...

The ULTIMATE Information Product?
The ULTIMATE Information Product??? Or... How To Make $4,995 In 2 Hours!...(Incredible!)...

NEW!! "Hot Items Folder" Tells You What's Selling on ebaY
Many years ago (1997) when I first noticed ebaY they had a very useful feature call "Hot Items". Hot items were any listing with more than 10 bids on it... and was an indicator of demand. Now ebaY has started a new feature (Feb 13, 2003) that very few know about that is even more useful to determine market demand...if you're wondering what the 'hot items' on ebaY are now keep reading...

These are tips, secrets and methods that real Internet marketers are using but never talk about! There are hundreds of tips, tricks and secrets in Dave's Private Member Area and more are added each week. The important point about this is simply this: Those who are succeeding online do so because they use the right tools and, in most cases, don't pay a cent for them! After all, the less money you spend, the more you get to keep!

Once you understand that there is a huge difference between what someone tells you to do and what they really do to succeed you'll understand, finally, what it really takes to start succeeding online.

You also finally understand why you can follow all the advice that every guru in every ebook has ever written and still not succeed the way you thought you should have. Yes, they tell you a lot, but they don't tell you everything. Dave's job is to tell you the stuff they don't write about in their ebooks and courses- the stuff that they really use to help them succeed.

All the reports in the Private Area of this site and these ebooks (including all source files!) are also included!

ebaY Secrets. (147 pp) This ebook is one of the best selling ebooks on the Internet and still THE best book on ebaY ever published.

Electronic Publishing Online.(155 pp) Dave's popular and detailed manual on creating an empire in your own information publishing business. Recently updated, this book has been a best-selling classic online a favorite Warrior download.

How To Perform Certified Copyright Searches. (21 PP) This report show you how you can legally publish an unlimited amount of content using works that have recently been transferred to the public domain. There are literally thousands of excellent books that are available for re-publishing. When you hear that you can make a fortune publishing 'public domain' information this is what they are talking about!

Mind Reading For Fun and Profit! (60 PP) A complete course for beginners! (Source file: *.DOC.)

How To Investigate Any Business Opportunity (154 PP)

Out-Of-Print Booksellers Manual (173 PP) How To Make $50,000 Or More A Year Selling Used and Rare Books on the Internet!

Kick-Butt Marketing Archives (82 PP) This was a daily email course by paid subscription I started and it includes all the issues written while it was published. Great stuff... can't remember why I stop publishing it, but the material is first rate!

Digital Selling Power! (65 PP) A special report I created that is still valid. Much of the material is taken from Electronic Publishing (above).

In additon to written reports you'll also receive the latest online training via pc-videos! Here are some of our PC-Videos currently included:

How To Setup Your Own Email/Host Server At Home / Part 1-Hosting - Sell separately or together- includes sales copy!!

How To Setup Your Own Email/Host Server At Home / Part 2- Email Server - Sell separately or together- includes sales copy!!

How To Start A Traffic Avalanche With Dynamo - includes sales copy!!

How To Find Marketable Subjects For Your Ebook and Other Information Products - includes sales copy!!

How To Make 'Box Shots' for Your Ebooks Fast and Easy and Free! - includes sales copy!!

A membership in InfoProductLab is an investment in you. We do our best to provide you with the very best knowledge on how marketing on the Internet really works but it's up to you to so something with it!

Pc-videos are an excellent way to learn how to market on the Internet becuase you can see exactly how it's done with your own eyes! It's like standing over Dave's shoulder as he demonstrates secret technics that will help get you fast results!

I encourage you to join, but frankly it's not for everyone. If you like 'pie-in-the-sky' schemes and 'get-rich-quick' ideas, I can't help you. It's as simple as that.

But...If you really want to try and make money on the Internet and you're looking for the right set of tools, inside information and frankness about what it really takes to help make you successful, then a subscription makes good economic sense. And it could be tax deductible for you... just ask your tax advisor.

A basic subscription to Dave Vallieres' Private Membership Site is only $14.99 per month and it's guaranteed never to increase. You get unlimited access and all current and all future reports for as long as you are a member.

It's really a 'no-brainer'!

No one else would dare offer this kind of free bonus, but I really, really want you to succeed!

Not only do you get access to over 400 pages of exclusive reports on Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, business opportunities and digital information product development left out of most ebooks and reports sold online today but you also get FREE, unlimited email consultations by the author of all the reports and pc-videos, David Vallieres!


There really is no need to spruce this up with a bunch of overused bonuses! The value is in the product, I promise you'll spend many evenings going through the archieves unexcavating the treasures that Dave provides. However, I did want to give you a little something that will help in you marketing.

#1 Spinning Pops

#2 Scroll Pops

#3 Ultimate JV

#4 Using Reviews for Traffic.....In fact, just to show you what a good guy I am, go to Writing Reviews for Affiliate Cash and you can have it as my gift for reading this page!

#5 Headline Creator


The unlimited email consultations alone is worth $1,000 per year or more! So what are you waiting for? I can't guarantee the subscription price of just $14.99 per month will be here if you decide to leave now and return later... it may be much higher! To lock in this low rate, subscribe now. You may cancel at anytime.


By the way, Dave has partnered with me on this and does NOT offer memberships to his Private Area directly... you can only access his Private Area here, right now. Click here to get access to Dave's entire Private site:

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Scott Parat

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