If you're ready to dramatically grow your opt-in lists and web site traffic without blowing your budget and without gimmicky "tricks"... If You Had The Chance - Right Now, Today - Would You Trade In One Medium Cheese Pizza For A Flood Of Hungry Traffic And Subscribers? ATTENTION: Read on to find out how a measly ten bucks will get you access to proven strategies for generating as many new subscribers and web site visitors as you want- and why "nice guy" Jimmy D. Brown would share his secrets for only a fraction of their real value. Update: List and Traffic™ is now a complete membership site!. Click Here for a quick glance at what's included. From: Jimmy D. Brown Date: Tuesday, 9:42 AM RE: Putting real cash in your account Dear Friend, Imagine someone showing you how to make as much money as you want with your internet business, without forcing you to buy something first. Imagine someone saying, "here's how you do it ", before you spend a single penny -- or fill out a form --or join a list. Sound good? Well, your imagination is going to become a reality right here, right now. If you're willing to read the next few paragraphs, I'll give you a simple blueprint you can begin following today that makes more sense than most of these so called "home study courses" that have hundred or even thousand dollar price tags. Seriously. I'll explain to you the exact three things I have personally done to create a huge six-figure income on the Internet. More importantly, these are three things that you can do - must do - in order to grow your own Internet business to the income level you want. Fact: There are no exceptions to the three keys to increasing profit from an Internet business that I'm about to share with you. You will not find a single "success story" on the planet who does not, to some degree, use these three simple things I'm about to point out to you. They work for everyone who uses them. That's the good news: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who you are or what your "experience level" is. It doesn't matter what "niche" you are devoted to. It doesn't matter what you are currently doing online to "make money". I don't care if you're an 18 year old motorcyle enthusiast or an 81 year old grandma who gardens. If you've got an internet business (whether you sell your own products or promote someone else's as an affiliate or even sell stuff on one of the online auctions), then I can tell you how to grow it and make more money. So, answer just one question and let's dive in... How Much Money Do You Want To Make? Go Ahead - Name Your Amount, Then Do This To Get There... How much money do you want to make from your business? Do you want to want to profit $50K a year from your online business? $100K? $500K? Go ahead, get a figure in your mind. Now, I can't tell you "how much ", but I can tell you "how ". The question is simple: "What does it take to grow my business and earn more profits?" In carefully examining my own business - and in studying the successes of hundreds of my colleagues and clients - I've discovered that there are three simple keys to growing any business and making more money from it. And here they are... How To Make As Much Money From Your Internet Business As You Want Key #1: Increase Your "Market Reach" The first key to making more money from your business is to "increase your 'market reach' ". That is, you need more exposure among your targeted audience. Your business needs to be in front of as many potential customers as it possibly can be. Out there in cyberspace somewhere are all of the customers who would ever possibly be interested in your products. There is a maximum number of people out there who have the potential of doing business with you. Your job is to find as many of them as humanly possible. You want your marketing to reach as many of those who might do business with you. Now, there is a simple formula that you can use to measure how well you are reaching your potential customers. The formula for market reach on the internet looks like this… Site Traffic + List Size = Market Reach Just on sheer numbers alone, growing your business is based on how many visitors arrive at your website and how many subscribers you have on your list. For example: All things equal, 10,000 website visitors will generate more profits for you than 1,000 visitors. All things equal, 25,000 opt-in subscribers will generate more profits for you than 5,000 opt-in subscribers. You need more market reach than you currently have. More website traffic and a larger list. That is one aspect of growing your business and profits. Key #2: Increase Your "Lead Conversion" A second key to business growth is to "increase your 'lead conversion' ". That is, you need more of your website visitors and list subscribers to actually buy something from you. In simple terms, if you have 1,000 visitors to your site and 3% of them buy a product that you profit $20.00 on, then you just earned $600.00. But, without any additional traffic, if the number of visitors who bought the product (lead conversion) was 4%, then you just earned $800.00. That's $200.00 more without any additional traffic. Growing your website traffic and your lists alone will not bring in more profits. You must have a system in place that converts more browsers into buyers. You want a larger number of visitors and subscribers who actually become paying customers. That's another aspect of growing your business and profits. Key #3: Increase Your "Lifetime Value" The third key to growing your business and making more money is to "increase your 'lifetime value' ". In other words, sell more to your existing customers. You've worked hard to get the customer, so make the most of it. You don't want to merely make one sale to your customers, but rather multiple sales. There are a couple of ways to earn more lifetime value from your customers, both of which are important… 1. Multiple offers. One way to earn more lifetime value is to make multiple offers to your customers over time. Whether they are products you've created yourself, products you've purchased reprint rights to sell, or affiliate program products, you can increase the amount of profit per customer by selling them multiple products. 2. Residual offers. Another way to earn more lifetime value is through residual offers - where an existing customer pays you for the same offer over and over again. These are primarily service-based offers. Online examples including web hosting, autoresponders, match-making, and private membership sites. The customer pays a monthly fee for the service for as long as they remain an active member. It takes much less effort to get an existing customer to buy something additional from you than it does to go out and find more customers. And, as you begin to saturate your market (I.E. Finding all of the customers who might do business with you), it will become more and more important to have "backend" offers in place to increase your profit from the customers you get. As you "run out" of new customers available, it's critical to continue profiting from the database of folks already doing business with you. If you want to grow your online business and, ultimately, the profits you can actually spend each month, then those are the three things you need… Increase your market reach. Increase your lead conversion. Increase your lifetime value. There's your four-year marketing education all boiled down into a simple action plan. If you do those things, you will grow your business and multiply your profits. Guaranteed. 1. Find more of your potential customers. 2. Convert more of those you find into paying customers. 3. Get those paying customers to spend more money with you. That's how you grow your business. That's how you grow your profits. It all comes down to List And Traffic. It all comes down to growing and profiting from opt-in lists and website traffic. That's where I come in. Introducing... "List And Traffic™ Membership Site" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jimmy D. Brown shows you exactly how to grow and profit from your own opt-in lists and web site traffic. LOCK-IN NOW FOR ONLY $10 "List and Traffic is BRILLIANT" Hi Jimmy, 'List And Traffic' is BRILLIANT. Not only does it contain tons of value and hidden strategies to skyrocket anyone's list and web traffic easily, it also greatly simplifies learning with the use of multi-media AND PDF tutorials - cool! Needless to say I'm extremely impressed and will recommend EVERY marketer to jump on this in a heartbeat...it's THAT good and at an insane investment too! Respectfully, Ewen Chia InstantMarketingSecrets.com "I'll Take You 'Behind-The-Scenes' And SHOW You Exactly How I Personally Build Huge Lists And Drive Hordes Of Traffic To My Sites Without Spending A Penny On Ads" I've been one of the featured speakers at the world's largest internet marketing seminars, such as the Big Seminar and the System Seminar. I've been interviewed by some of the most successful marketers in the world, like Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards. I've privately counseled some of the top "gurus". And those who've submitted testimonials for my products are like a who's who of internet marketing... John Reese Armand Morin Terry Dean Paul Myers Stephen Pierce Jim Edwards Alex Mandossian Phil Wiley Ryan Deiss Jason Potash Just to name a few. And the two things I've spoken about, been interviewed about, counseled about and have received testimonials about are... Building and profiting from opt-in lists. Generating and profiting from web site traffic. Specifically, doing both for free. I know how to get it done. The fact that you're here at this moment reading this letter indicates that I do it fairly well. (Hint: I didn't spend a penny getting you here) But, you know what, this isn't about me. It's about you. It's about you and your business. And, believe it or not, I really would like to help you grow your business and make YOU more money. That's why I launched the List And Traffic™ membership site. To show you how to do the very things we looked at earlier in this letter: To teach you how to get more subscribers on your lists and more visitors to your web site. To teach you how to get more of those subscribers and visitors to buy something from you. To teach you how to get those buyers to return and spend more money with you month after month. "Your in-depth knowledge and professionalism shine" Dear Jimmy, It's not often I use word's like 'blown away' when describing someone else's product, but yours warrants the use of the term 'BLOWN AWAY!' Your in-depth knowledge and professionalism shine through in the presentation of your videos and materials. I know this may sound 'corny', but your newsletter is now one of my top recommendations I make to my consulting clients. I tell each of them to pull out their wallets and subscribe to your video newsletter ASAP. Thank you, Keith Baxter Stealthtrafficsecrets.com Bottom line: You're going to learn how to make as much money as you possibly can from your business, with the least amount of effort possible. I'm not going to give you a bunch of theories and ideas, I'm going to give you exactly what I have personally done in my business to see real results. No "gimmicks" and "tricks" that can be shut down (or get you in trouble!) or changed at the click of a button. Instead, you're going to learn time-tested, proven-effective techniques that really do work - many of which are unstoppable once you get them in place! We're going to systematically implement tiny changes into your business to turn it into a cash cow that continues to grow (mostly on its own) and bring in more and more profit for you month after month. As a member of the List And Traffic™ membership site, you'll receive 7 valuable benefits every month: 1 Multiple Weekly Updates Several times each week (2-5 times) I'll add a 100% original, exclusive article update to the member's area teaching you unique ways to grow and profit from opt-in lists and generate traffic and increase your traffic conversion. You receive a MINIMUM of eight (8) updates each month (Usually around 14-16) where I'll cover methods for building lists, ideas for making money from your existing lists, driving visitors to your site and converting those visitors into paying customers. There article updates are AT LEAST three (3) pages in length (Usually around 4-8), are easy to digest, no fluff, and full of action-packed information you can use. Bonus: I also add "pep talk" and "strategy" updates to keep you inspired and motivated to achieve your financial goals. 2 Twice Monthly Audio and Email Updates On or about the 1st and 15th of each month you'll receive an email informing you of what's been added to the member's area over the past two weeks, as well as a downloadable AUDIO version of all added content. Many members prefer to "listen" to the content while driving in their cars, walking on the treadmill or relaxing at the lake. With the audio version of all content, you can absorb the content without reading a word, if you prefer. And being updated twice a month with what's been added to the member's area means you won't be bombarded with extra emails. Like you really need that! 3 Permanent Archives Access As a member, you'll have instant admission to the archives where hundreds of dollars in valuable content have been stockpiled for easy access anytime you want. Advantage #1: When you become a member you will immediately have access to all PREVIOUS month's audios, videos, downloadables and article udpates. Advantage #2: When new materials are added you will continue to have access to them anytime you want to refer back to the site as a reference. It's the ultimate resource! 4 Member's Only Forum This isn't some "ghost town" forum, either! (You know the ones I'm talking about - where no one interacts and nothing's happening because there's only been one post all month.) We have active members who post DAILY - and I'm very active as well. That's right, I'm PERSONALLY INVOLVED by making posts to the forum on a regular basis. Note: This is a REAL "community" where member's ask for, receive and offer assistance to mutually build each other's businesses. 5 Downloadable Library Each month I add more PDF reports, tools, templates and even full products to the member's only "downloadable library". These are high-quality, valuable resources - some would ordinarily cost you up to $47 or more elsewhere, some can't even be found elsewhere! Yours free as a member - and the library grows every month. 6 Interactive Participation As a member, your input helps control what is added to the site. This is because of two built-in functions that are possibly the most valuable part of the membership: Function #1: Ask A Question. Several times each month I'll review questions submitted by members and will answer them as full 3-5 page article updates for all members to access. Function #2: Suggest A Topic. Additionally, you may suggest topics for the article updates, allowing me to write about what's most important to you and your business! Both of these are available by clicking on a link inside the member's area. 7 Recurring Monthly Commissions We have a private affiliate program that pays 50% monthly commissions for any other members you refer through your unique affiliate link ... for the lifetime of their membership! You earn commissions MONTH after MONTH for as long as your referred customers remain active members. With ready-made materials (including re-brandable PDF reports, articles, solos, etc.), all you need to do is GIVE AWAY the affiliate content to get started immediately promoting the site. Of course, this is optional. But, it is also exclusively for member's only. (Note: Click Here for a preview of some of the specific EXCLUSIVE articles and reports available in the archives when you join today.) As you can see, you'll get access to - literally - everything you need in order to increase your market reach, increase your lead conversion and increase your lifetime value. The three things that spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S for you and your business. It's all about List And Traffic. "What an eye opener ... this is the best $10 I have ever spent on the Internet" What an eye opener, just what I wanted, suggestions as to how I can build my list and attract more traffic to my site. To my mind this is the best $10 I have ever spent on the Internet. My goal now is to make sure that I take the action and reap the full benefit from your great ideas. Thank you Jimmy! Dave Bromley www.ukauctionline.co.uk (And you'll be scratching your head wondering "why is he giving me all of this for only $10?" I'll answer that question in just a moment.) Inside the Member's Area RIGHT NOW: Here's a sneak preview of what you'll discover inside the List And Traffic™ member's area right now for your immediate access... The easiest and most powerful way to make more money from any list regardless of its size! 6 powerful keys to using free email mini-courses to drive a flood of visitors to any site you choose! How to get 400% more traffic to your site in the next 5 days without spending a penny! 4 easy ways to convince your subscribers to "forward" your content on to others for you! How to turn even a small list (less than 50 subscribers) into an order-producing machine with viral marketing! The number one, most-often-overlooked way to make money with "non-business" lists (and how you can profit from it today)! 3 places to find partners and how to get bonafide experts to contribute 100% exclusive articles for your email mini-course use only! "Great ideas I've never thought of" Jimmy, I can't tell you the number of memberships I've signed up for that held nothing new. L & T shared some great ideas I've never thought of and I've been doing business online for 10 years! Paul Evans AudioC4.com The "golden niche email" that gets hobbyists to take action like crazy! (Hint: You have my permission to use it yourself) A simple, 5-step system for creating "traffic-courses" - you've never seen eCourses used like this! Sample proposals, mailings, subject lines, messages and other templates you can modify for your own use! 3 red hot ways to convert readers into buyers, plus the best way to use solo mailings to double or even triple your orders! The glaring mistake most list owners (probably you too) make that is costing them thousands of dollars in profit! 4 proven ways to get your list members involved in building your business for you while you play golf, shop or take a vacation! 3 simple strategies for making money from "niche lists" that have nothing to do with "internet marketing"! How to get affiliate commissions as a BONUS while you're driving traffic to your own site! (Hint: This is just "icing on the cake"! Mark this down, underline it and read it out loud: the List And Traffic™ membership site is chock full of rock-solid content with absolutely no "dead time" or "wasted space". (Note: Click Here for a preview of some of the specific EXCLUSIVE articles and reports available in the archives when you join today.) "Tons of great ideas and ways to put it in action" Jimmy, outstanding work! Love the format. I've been following you since the beginning, buying practically every product you release. But, List and Traffic knocked me for a loop! Tons of great ideas and ways to put it in action. I REALLY dug the article/partner distribution idea. Can't believe I never thought of that strategy! It's gonna be fun to put that one and the other ideas to work. By the way, $10/month?! You're crazy for doing this so inexpensively. Damon G. Zahariades Webbusinesstoday.com Only A Bonafide Knucklehead Would Walk Away From This Special $10.00 Offer While I reserve the right to increase the price for a subscription to List And Traffic™, the introductory rate is only $10.00 per month. I'm not one to call names. (In fact, I'm one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet - just ask around). And I certainly wouldn't belittle anyone. But, I'd have to ask you, "what are you thinking?" if you passed up on this ridiculously low price. Here's the thing: If you're not willing to spend $10.00 a month to learn exactly how to grow your business, then you're probably better off trying something else. That may not be what you want to hear, but at least I'm being honest with you. If you get just one super tiny idea from your subscription, it will pay for itself dozens, if not hundreds, of times over. It's a no-brainer. "Who would unsubscribe..." Jimmy, Hey. That first month is purty cool, mon. Some good stuff. The $10 a month thing is a good idea. Who the hell would unsubscribe if the rest are as good as the first one? Even if you know the stuff, it's worth it just for the reminders. Paul Myers Talkbiznews.com If It's So Valuable, Then Why Is It So "Cheap"? First of all, let's clarify something. It's not "cheap". Inexpensive? Absolutely. But, never "cheap". You won't find any of my content, anywhere, that isn't valuable. I always, always, always put my best effort into my products. It may cost "only $10", but I guarantee you it's got hundreds of dollars (even thousands) of value in it. So, the real question is, "why only $10"? Truthfully, there are three reasons. I've been very fortunate in my internet success and I am grateful. Sound cheesy? Maybe. Is it true? Most certainly. I've made more money over the past few years than I ever dreamed possible. I'm just trying to give back. I've been thinking about my own legacy and want to do something more. With the unexpected passing of a fellow colleague and all the talk of his impact on the lives of others, it has given me a new outlook on my own legacy. While I've always tried my best to help, now more than ever, I want to make a difference. I've gotta win your trust and respect and loyalty. I've got a lot of products in the works for the coming months. If I want you to buy any of them, then I've gotta work on building a relationship with you, right? You've gotta know you can trust me. You've gotta know my stuff is useful to you. Look, maybe I'm being foolish in telling you these things. Maybe I'm being vulnerable in sharing my feelings and being honest with you. Maybe you'll think, "I know he's a famous marketer and all, but he sure sounds like a sap." That's fine. But, maybe, just maybe, you'll find it a breath of fresh air in a sea of selfishness. Either way, you asked. And that's why it's only $10.00 per month to subscribe to List And Traffic™. "I honestly can't imagine anyone coming to your site and not becoming a member." Jimmy, List and Traffic is a must have for anyone serious about making money online! First of all, thank you for telling it like it is. I know of no one on the Internet who knows as much about this subject as you, and sincerely admire that you're telling the whole story, and making List & Traffic affordable for the newbie and the experienced marketer. The information you share is rock-solid, easy to understand and super-easy to put into practice. I can't think of anyone, no matter how advanced their knowledge of Internet marketing, who wouldn't profit from this information. Here's a no-brainer ... pay ten bucks and get a fast food meal that makes you feel sluggish and fat, or INVEST that ten bucks into knowledge that could easily pay you back thousands of times, every month! I honestly can't imagine anyone coming to your site and not becoming a member. GREAT job! Charlie Page http://www.directoryofezines.com Which leaves us with our original question of the day: Which Of These Would You Rather Have... Or... You get to pick. You can buy that medium cheese pizza or you can subscribe to List And Traffic™ and buy more pizzas than you can shake a stick at with your results. "You're a genius!" Dear Jimmy ... I just finished listening to your "List and Traffic" videos ... and I'm so excited I can barely wait to finish this email and put some of your strategies into practice! I've been burned countless times by ebooks and ecourses that promise the world and deliver outmoded, recycled drivel. But I've never been disappointed with any product I've purchased from you. I'd gladly forego a hundred pizzas for the advice contained in your first issue -- but happily, I'll have to skip only one (... and that's not only good for the waistline, but good for the bank account as well). Thank you! Aloha ... --Steve Laycock Wealth-Spring.com I can't guarantee you how much money you'll make (that's up to you, your unique situation and your effort), but I can guarantee you this: YOU WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS PROFIT or you'll get your money back. For a Limited Time Only, I'm Waiving The $47 Activation Fee! Normally there is a one-time $47.00 "activation" fee in order to gain access to the previous month's archives. (After all, other member's have been paying for these materials for many months.) However, if you join today, I'll waive the activation fee and you need only pay $10.00 for your first month's fees. Note: This isn't a marketing "gimmick". (If you know me at all, you know I don't do gimmicks.) I really will remove this offer soon and begin charging the activation fee again. Don't miss out. Lock-In Now For Only $10.00 And I Promise To Never Raise Your Subscription Price! YES! Jimmy, I'm definitely not going to miss my chance to subscribe to List And Traffic™ ! I understand that I will be billed only $10.00 every 30 days and that I may cancel my subscription at anytime, for any reason. Option 1: Click Here to order via Paypal® Option 2: Click Here to order with your credit card YOU WILL RECEIVE INSTANT ACCESS TO THE VIDEO FILES, AUDIO FILE, AND ALL PDF FILES (Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday) * Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money. Legal Information Disclaimer | Terms Of Service | Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Notice All the best, P.S. Where else on the planet can you find weekly updates, twice monthly downloadable audios, archives access, downloadable library and more for only ten bucks? (Short answer: you can't) P.P.S. Here are some additional testimonials I've received. (Note: They aren't hand-picked from my "buddies" either! These are real folks just like you who have greatly benefited from List And Traffic™ !) "Love it, love it, love it!" Jimmy, Love it, love it, love it! It's such a good package - written in your own very personable style, chock-full of information, and practical information to boot. Keep up the good work! Andrew Peacock Topreports.com "It's awesome stuff" Jimmy, Thank you so much for putting this 'List and Traffic" together! It's awesome stuff. I've been following you for the past year and I am so thrilled to be a part of something Jimmy's creating! I'm certain that this online experience with you will help countless of people "Make a dent in the universe!" It's an honor and privilege and I look forward to hearing from you every month. Regards, Patrick Golfintel.com "You have absolutely, positively over delivered!" Dear Jimmy, you have absolutely, positively, over delivered! When I visited the ListandTraffic sales page I was worried about the relevancy of content and parting with my hard earn't cash on the ListandTraffic site. I have bought from others promising the answers to building lists and getting traffic - only to be sorely dissappointed. But, with you Jimmy, I had no need to worry. Whatever someones learning style, your ListandTraffic site has it covered - visual, text and audio - and you have made it so easy - I can even take it on my MP3! Through the ListandTraffic subscription you deliver magical "why didn't I think of that!", common sense content. No fluff, no waffle, no complicated words or "I must be a scientist to understand this stuff". Just solid, tried and tested ways that work. You tell it is as it is. It makes great listening and reading. Brilliant. I can't wait for the next edition." Sean Eastman Netmarketinglibrary.com "I now buy from you without question" Jimmy, Without exception every product I have ever bought from you has been of EXCEPTIONAL value. In fact whenever I receive a mailing from you promoting some new product I (now) don't even question its value. I know "Hey, this is Jimmy D Brown, this is the real stuff". I now buy from you without question. I have never asked for a refund because everything you do is VALUE far in excess of the prices you ask. ListAndTraffic is just another outstanding example of Jimmy D Brown. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and integrity. Kenneth Doyle Feedyourhungrymind.com "Thank you so much for keeping the price low" Jimmy, I just got the email about your new site. I am so excited about this! Thank you so much for keeping the price low. I hope that you will bring the "gurus" to their senses. This is the main reason I have continued to recommend your sites in my articles and newsletters, and why I am your customer after all these years. You are the best. Jinger Jarrett Smallbusinesshowto.com "The content and presentation is typical Jimmy D. Brown overdelivery" Hi Jimmy, I just have to let you know that your new "List and Traffic site" is a winner.You've combined two very important areas dear to all marketers. The content and presentation of the first "issue" is typical Jimmy D Brown over-delivery. This will be of great help to many people and the price is right. Use this as you desire. May Your Day Be Filled With Happiness And Success, Jim Walker Homeforwealthbuilders.com "Amazing ideas on how to build an Internet business" Hi Jimmy, I just watched the first issue of your "List and Traffic" videos. I have so many ideas in my head and in my notes, I'm going to have to go back and watch again just to pick out the one or two ideas to start with! You have some amazing ideas on how to build an internet business. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the next issue. Thanks, Matt Z. Basketball-plays-and-tips.com "I figured it would be good ... but I never expected THIS good!" Hey Jimmy, Ok, I'm blown away. I just listened to your inaugural lesson on "List and Traffic" and my head (and to-do list) are buzzing with ideas for useful, effective ways to promote my site. I figured it would be good, knowing your reputation, but I never expected this good - especially not for $10.00. This course is worth a whole lot more. Thanks for sharing your ideas and expertise. I'm going to get started on the first idea right now! Blessings! Darlene Mom-Defrazzler.com