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Public Domain Images And FREE Christian Public Domain Images

Pubic Domain Images and public domain content is one of the most exciting areas you can dig into when trying to decide how you want to make money online. Public Domain Content is FREE and can be used for just about anything. Beware, once you start looking, I can guarantee you’ll fall into the rabbit hole!

Most people get online and start building websites because they want to show off, sell or promote!

The lawyer wants to be found when someone searches on his name or his keywords for the services he provides. The webmaster wants you to find his business so he can create a website solution for you. Of course there are those who put up blog just to babble about nonsense, although we have twitter and Facebook for that now….. but it’s just as easy to set up a free blog at or And although I can help anyone with those purposes or needs to get online, I prefer to find different ways to monetize websites.

In other words, let’s say you’re an artist and you paid glassware. A small website featuring your products will get a steady stream of orders and as time goes by it could turn into a nice little money maker.

Maybe you’re someone who has a particular skill and you want to show people how to do the things your do. Let’s take the artist again, maybe you want to create some videos and show people how they can turn glassware into custom gifts, or how you can pick garbage and turn an old door into a beautiful hallway storage furniture, beautifully painted and decorated.This would be best done with a website that had a membership site, charging people for a period of time they could view the teachings of your artist….. when they stop paying, their membership is ended.

Public Domain Content
for Making Money Online

Since I started building websites and trying to make money online I stumbled on the concept of Public Domain. Public Domain, briefly, is intellectual work that was done before a certain set of dates depending on the material you are looking at. For instance, anything printed in the United States before 1928 is in the public domain…..magazines are different, newspapers are different ….art is different. However, the volume of work that is available to use is unfathomable …’ll never be able to see it all. You’ll never know it all.

Public Domain Images or material is cool because it is FREE….. I like free. That means once you determine if the material is in the public domain you can use it for anything and put your name on it….. then sell it! The process of determining whether material is in the public domain is somewhat complicated and I can direct you to books and people that can help you, but it isn’t worthy of discussion in this brief article.

Take a look at the image at the start of this post. Christ Stilling The Storm, clearly in the public domain and if you can find an original image you can scan it, take a picture of it…. clean it up, resize and use it anyplace.

I started this post because I wanted to turn you on to a site I found that has some public domain images for you to use freely. At least that’s what I understood from their webpage. Read their rules and see what you can do with them images, any commercial use is prohibited, but sticking an image on a website should be find. Here’s the rub with Public Domain Material….. once you find a book or image that is in the public domain and you make changes to said items it is now out of the public domain. In other words, if you take an image and clean it up, crop it, sharpen it or do some Photoshop magic that image is really not public domain anymore and you have to relie on the creator to give you license to use it. Same is true with a public domain book. Let’s say its a book of early christian history, if that book was edited, formatted or else-wise modified it no longer belongs to the the public domain.

Public Domain Images …..
FREE Public Domain Christian Images

Well…. enough pubic domain theory. I’ll post a couple links for some good starter public domain material so you can start using it. Also, I know of some public domain experts that I’ll give some links to….. give me a couple of days to get those posted for ……In the mean time I wanted to give you a like for FREE Christian Images, check out the site, looks like some nice generous people giving away their bandwidth 🙂  Actually, these public domain Christian Images will help in a variety of situations….. they also have a section where you can purchase professionally framed and printed copies of some of the images. This site is a good study on how someone had captitalized by using public domain images and worthy of your study should you decide to start using public domain content as a means to make money online!

Here’s an ebook that will help you get started with Public Domain Explained …..just click on the link.


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