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Relocate your Client’s Blog with Backup Creator

pictures of backkup creator for making money online

Backup Creator is a wordpress plugin for backing up and cloning your blog’s content, however, did you know that Backup Creator can be used to set up a very profitable and easy business?

If you’ve been working with wordpress blogs for a while then you know how boring it is to move, clone or backup your blogs can be, but I want to show you some of the possibilities you have before you if you possess the tools and skills to make these clones happen. You can move your site from one host to another so that someone’s business in a box or sell your site for a quick buck.

I spent days and years building my wordpress blog, why would I want to move it?

What does it mean to move your site from one host to another? It’s really very simple, you have some website, lets say its called and hosted on a provider that is giving poor service., so you keep your website and all the contents exactly the way they are on the domain that it was on and move it to a different hosting provider.It means that maybe you have the same website, the same com domain name but you’re moving from one provider to another. Sometimes you run into a good deal for hosting. Maybe one provides you with more space or it’s faster or better services.

If you back up your WordPress site and then move to a new web host and restore that WordPress site, you have an exact copy of it now. You can move your own blogs or you can move wordpress blogs for others that don’t have your knowledge, skills and tools by using Backup Creator and making a clone and then installing that clone on your clients site ….but not after you get your fee, 100 bucks or more. I had a person that was going to pay me 500 dollars to move a site….. of course I just couldn’t take it because it would only take me 20 minutes.

Extra Money Possible with The Developer’s Version of Backup Creator

As owner of the Developer’s Version of Backup Creator you’ll find some easy and exciting opportunities to make some extra cash. What this means is that you pay a little bit extra to plugin owners to theme developers for a developer’s license which means that you can use their theme and plugin on your site. You can’t sell that theme or plugin but you can set it up on someone else’s new site. Are you in the offline marketing niche, this is a no brainer for creating a site using a theme as a template and installing using the Backupcreator clone. If you do, you can use the any wordpress plugin or wordpress theme to build that site and it doesn’t cost you a penny more, but you charge your client the full price of theme, plugin and installation.

What if you bought a $300 theme? Then lets say you purchased some custom plugins, added some graphics and configured the blog in a way that it looked awesome and was making money, as long as you had developer’s rights for the theme and plugins you can sell the whole setup for ….pick a number 500 bucks ? And you aren’t selling the items individually but as part of a complete package and of course with Backup Creator you create a clone of this blog package and charge them to install the clone on their hosting…, you charge for the theme and plugins and the installation! You’re not selling any kind of content, not doing any kind of resell rights, you’re simply setting up your exact WordPress configuration in this way that the developer’s license allows you to. This is a business in a box.

There’s a lot of sites people have worked on through the years that might make a little money but has great potential but as is won’t make you a bunch of money just because it has a .com name. Obviously just selling the .com name isn’t going to make you a ton of money.” But if that property has been developed, if it contains subscribers, traffic and content now that site can sell for a lot more especially if you can show that the site makes a certain amount of monthly income.

You could offer someone on a site such as SitePoint or Flippa, I will sell you this site with the blog, with all the content. People like to buy these sites but get confused with the sale, transfer and installation. You could offer a complete package and because Backup Creator makes the installation so easy you could either include it for free of add it to the sale and make yourself even more cash once you get the site moved and restored.

How easy would it be for you to set up a site, write a few articles about WordPress Clones, WordPress Backups in order to get some traffic to your new WordPress Backup and Cloning Services…..if you had 2 clients a day at a low $100 each you could easily make a quick 200 dollars a day and then add the business in a box concept and/or the domain flipping idea. So many people wanting to get in on the internet craze and don’t know how to do it and you have one simple model at your finger tips with Backup Creator……give it shot! You may think these are far fetched ideas and goals…..but they aren’t with Robert Plank’s WordPress Backup Creator plugin you can quickly become the backup and cloning expert in your neck of the woods, so why don’t you grab a copy of Backup Creator right now!


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