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Review of Blog Cash Cow

BlogCashCow Conveniently Adds Affiliate Items Into Your WordPress blog

After installing Blog Cash Cow plugin on a couple of sites I found I really liked it, so, I figured I would share my thoughts with a quick Review of Blog Cash Cow.

I got a chance to beta test the Blog Cash Cow plugin….. I’d buy anything Edwin whips together anyway! Unlike others, Edwin is always supporting his products which is invaluable when affiliate programs change. Mark Thompson has been brought in to develop the course work and these guys have a total blogging course for cheap… honestly, the Blog Cash Cow plugin is worth the price alone. However, the entire package will help newbie and experienced blogger alike.

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The plugin from Blog Cash Cow works differnt as it wil fetch related products to your content. So the products are related to your content you already have or if you create a new post or page you can indicate what kind of products to look for. Another feature that you can configure is the price point of the products the plugin will display, you can configure it to display expensive products for nice commissions or low priced products which although you make a little money you might start pulling in traffic. Blog Cash Cow allows you to pick between 4 different affiliate vendors, you can mix and match according to products that might be available,,, and linkshare are all programs that the plugin pulls from

Blog Cash Cow is available in 2 versions for a variety of users, try it out with a single license or if you have a bunch of sites get the developers license…For site flippers a developers license is available along with a single license for one site use. You pick the flavour you like. You’ll be presented with a one time offer but it isn’t needed to make to product complete. Each sale is 100% complete and will allow you to do and study everything on the salespage. However, you might want to take a hard look at the OTO if you are into affiliate marketing because it just might increase your bottom line.

Spending your money on this wso is an investment in your future and ability to make money online. Each year, internet marketing folks discover more and better tools for making money online, these will help you become profitable. WpRobot is a plugin that does some of the similar things…You’ll find wprobot tough to keep on top of, to configure, to upgrade and keep running smoothly not to mention that it’s 100’ws of dollars more.

The plugin works flawlessly. I used it on a few older blogs I had and used it on some a new blog I set up. It was amazing to see the plugin pull in products that matched the theme and keywords in my blogs.

Here’s a real sleeper of an idea, if you have a set of link wheels or feeder blogs stick this plugin on them and watch the cash roll in. In think this simple but powerful plugin is one of the quickest ways you can monetize your blogs. You can run it in the default configuration, picking just the affiliate vendors you want to use.
I was so mad when Illinois passed a law that forced Amazon to drop their affiliate program, but with Blog Cash Cow I now have 3 other affiliates to pick from allowing me to resurrect my older Amazon sites. Thankfully this WordPress plugin allows me some new options to monetize my WordPress blogs. Many other Amazon marketers are going to love this plugin and start rebuilding their sites.

In this Review of Blog Cash Cow, I have to give it 5 stars! I installed it on a couple of article directories that I own. Installation and set up were a snap. I was able to monetize 1,000 posts in a few minutes.

I wasn’t expecting the ads to be very relevant but depending on the vendor I had some really nice ads show up in the right places.

A tradesman has more than one tool to do his job, often they spend $1000’s of dollars to perform their tasks. Tradesman and carpenters of every type need tools to perform different aspects of their job, if they don’t have them they can’t do the job and therefore won’t make any money…. well internet marketers are the same, invest in yourself and buy tools that help you get things done faster or teach you new ways of doing things. After reviewing Blog Cash Cow I would implore you not to let this one get away, it will help you in your affiliate marketing in many ways, whether you keep the sites for yourself of flip them.



Take a look at this Blog Cash Cow Review by a user:

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester and Blog Cash Cow does exactly what it says on the box!

I found it a nice and quick way to add some content to a new blog and get it moving again, you’ll be able to start monetizing old sites using these fresh ads from the 4 provided vendors, once you’re all installed everything is on autopilot..

I’ve got a site that was sitting around for 3 years, didn’t do a thing to it since then. Even though it still gets 150 to 200 unique visitors a day average, (with 400 – 500 page views), this site has only been making 50 cents to a buck a day with tired old Adsense….I expect my results to go up, but will post them here in a week or two and see what happens.

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