Xsitepro-videos xsitepro template creation part 1
XsitePro Template Creation Part 1

Xsitepro template creation part 1.. from Youtube

Xsitepro Templates

20 XsitePro Minisite Templates

Making your own Xsitepro templates should not be out of reach for most web masters. Even for those who consider web design and web page aesthetic pleasures beyond them can with time learn how to develop their own free Xsitepro templates.

The question is why would you want to make your own template when there are plenty of ready built templates available to buy? That’s an easy question to answer the simple truth is because you can. There’s also a great deal of satisfaction to be had from building and designing your own web site from scratch. Of course as the saying goes even the best designed web sites are useless if nobody knows they’re there. That in a nut shell is why people prefer to use templates it saves time. It allows them to concentrate on the very important task of driving traffic and marketing their site.

There are of course lots of free Xsitepro templates available out of the box when you purchase Xsitepro I’ve also no doubt that this number will grow as the popularity of the product increases allowing them to invest more in these type of areas. However if you’re still keen to build your own Xsitepro templates then follow the advice below:

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The out of the box Xsitepro template includes a header panel left and right panel a footer panel and the main panel. You can affect each of these areas of the page with your template and create your web site around this design.

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Http:/ / www.gibson5.co.uk/ xsitepro/ tutorial video teaching you how to create a template for xsitepro using image editing software

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