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ADM Local Business Pro Review

Review of ADM Local Business Pro WPThemes

I’m always out looking for good offline or local marketing templates. I usually require them to be made with wordpress and hope that they have a flexible pricing structure so you can try one or two themes out ….just to see if they fit you needs.

In reviewing ADM Local Business Pro, I found their sites to be of high quality

You can purchase a single theme, or 5 of the same theme or 10 of the same theme ….or you can join their montly membership which is at $69 and going up. With a monthly membership you can put up 30 sites, any of the 30 or so niches. I talked with the owner and the credits do not roll over and the monthly price is set to go up.

ADM Local Business Pro Review

Review of ADM Local Business ThemesI really think their pricing is out of line, but if you had 30 new clients a month…. then this might be for you. Otherwise I think it would behoove them to make some adjustments in the monthly pricing structure. Heck, even if the rolled over the credits and you got to keep the credits anytime you stopped your membership. That’s only fair. Unless they had a 15 dollar membership with renewing credits every month. ……might be babbling a little and I normally wouldn’t but I really like the sites they put out.

I haven’t purchase or used any of the sites, but I plan on trying the Disaster Recorvery theme, might purchase 5 and see how they work out.

If they continue to pump out niches, keeping the quality high, keeping the content relevant and the images appropiate ….ADM just could be the guys to go to…..oh ya, they really need to be more flexible with their pricing. Heck, Jack Hopman has his Local Theme Jack that has too many addons and apps to mention, let alone the over 200 local themes and the ability to get a custom theme created if you prove you have the job.

Review of ADM Local Business ThemesI thought I would review ADM Local Business Pros because they have a nice looking template. They answered my questions quickly, so I’m assuming support with be the same. I have a Local Theme Jack membership, but what if I want to sell to 2 plumbers in the same city or town. You might be able to pick up one of these themes for a different look.

I’ll let you know what I think of the theme after I purchase and install it. Just wanted you guys to know its out there and it might prove useful for your local marketing business.

This will conclude the ADM Local Business Pro review. Click here to go to their site.

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