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Amazon’s Hike In Fees and Amazon Internet Marketing Products

"Amazing Selling Machine" Builder's Kit and Amazons price increase

Every internet marketer gets sick and tired of the internet marketing routine sooner or latter. You know, the constant hypey emails. The long salespages promising to make you a millionaire over night.

And then there’s the constant new, best and easiest to use tool that guarantees you will get a ton of traffic and a ton of sales. Or how about the ebook, “How I Made 10 million in 2 days”….. of course I’m being facetious but the promise of riches in a short period of time is the essence of internet marketing.

Can you make money with internet marketing? Of course, but it will take a lot of hard work. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

Recently a new product came out, called “Amazing Selling Machine” Builder’s Kit that was selling the secret to making money with physical products using Amazon. I mean a lot of money. Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark were the promoters and it was one heck of a promotion.

The idea of selling physical products on Amazon isn’t something new, but of course these guys found the secret sauce needed to find the best products to make 6 figures if not 7 figures a year.

I trust Jason, so it was really tempting. The product was $4000 and I was thinking of stealing some cash from a household account but just couldn’t pull the trigger.

I might never find out if those guys had the holy grail of internet marketing but I did find out that at the same time they were promoting their product Amazon decided to raise its fees!

Ed Chiasson dropped me an email, by the way, Ed’s a good guy to follow. He did a blog post on the new Amazon fees at Sellers Unhappy With Amazon Fee Hikes  ….the temptation for success at the levels they promised is just so tempting. (join Ed’s mailing list as he is a straight shooter with good products and information) As far as I know, it works and the $4000 price tag will keep the secret sauce secret. After all, if I spent $4000 for a product and I actually started making $100,000 a year I certainly would not freely broadcast the process to the general internet marketing community.

The article Ed links to is at Amazon’s Sellers Unhappy  and I found it interesting. Prices will be going up on everything as our economy continues to tank, Amazon knows there numbers and knows what they need to charge to keep in black.

Conversely the article talks about other opportunities that could open up with eBay, Walmart and other providers if the Amazon fee increase causes problems for its vendors:

Wal-Mart’s marketplace now features just six merchants: Wayfair, Plumstruck, eBags, ProTeam, ToolKing and Shoebuy. Spokesman Dan Toporek said the world’s largest retailer is trying to expand available products and it “is a key component of that strategy to accelerate the growth.”

Google may be the bigger threat. It already owns most of the necessary pieces, such as product search, listings and a payment service — it just hasn’t combined them yet.

It began testing a same-day delivery service with retailers in recent weeks, sparking speculation it’s building a marketplace. A spokeswoman said Google is always working to improve the user experience, including shopping.

“If somebody comes in, a Google for instance, and says you can list with us and we will give you wide exposure at much lower cost, that would be a problem for Amazon,” said Scott Tilghman, an analyst at B. Riley Caris.

Consumers want selection, bargains and fast shipping, which all cost money. Getting sellers to cover those expenses could drive them elsewhere. Yet if marketplace operators cover such costs, their profits suffer and shareholders grumble.

“There’s always a trade-off,” said Ken Sena, an analyst at Evercore Partners. “There’s always that risk that sellers could defect.”


Still, Amazon raising prices and Jason and Matt’s new program/class launch are happening at a bad time for Jason and Matt.

I still would have liked to get in on “Amazing Selling Machine” Builder’s Kit or whatever it was called.

I followed Jason for a long time, he promoted affiliate marketing through various means, tools and formats. Preached the stick to-it attitude the only way for success and now he seems to have given it all up. I wonder how long it will be until I see an email from Jason promoting some sort of affiliate marketing scheme…. or promoting some product of which he will be an affiliate for?

Either way, I hope their system works for all who purchased. I really hate to see good people getting ripped off.

If you’re looking for a link for the program, you are out of luck. It closed a couple of days ago and supposedly will not be made available again. I guess we’ll see about that….. seems like those things that are supposed to be retired always somehow have an excuse for being resurrected somewhere down the line.

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