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Reduce Your PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Costs

As any small business owner knows PPC advertising is a huge market on the internet today. PPC marketing is best well suited for those websites that have not yet established themselves in the world of the search engines.  But PPC does have a downside as well. PPC can cost you thousands of dollars in marketing dollars if you do not take time to carefully plan out your PPC marketing campaign. Against popular PPC marketing is not just selecting a few keywords and designing your advertisement, actually there is much more involved. There are tips though that you can use to reduce your PPC search engine internet marketing cost and create a great marketing campaign as a result.

1. Competitors
The best way that you can start off your PPC marketing campaign is to check out the competitors.  Look and see what kind of strategies that they may be using to market their business. There are tools that you can purchase that will help you have a fair idea of the advertising strategies of your competitors.  The most important thing for you to pay attention to when you are looking at the competitors ads are the keyword placement, ad body, and where the ads are being placed on their site.

6 Thoughts on Reducing Your PPC PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Costs

2. Keyword Variations
It is important for your PPC search engine internet marketing campaign to incorporate proper keywords in suitable variations throughout your website. If your keywords are not placed properly then all your other efforts will be effortless.  You need to take considerable time when you are creating your keywords. Careful research of what keywords people are searching for will aide you in your keyword search.

3.Keywords to avoid
If you begin your ppc search engine internet marketing off by using hypercompetitive keywords you are setting yourself up for spending tons of money and your marketing budget will dry up quickly.  However there are a lot of low cost keywords that you can use with proper matching techniques that will be able to save you money in the long run.

4. Call to action terms
Your call to action terms is very important to your PPC marketing campaign.  If you use words such as click here or buy here customers will not be as apt to follow the directions because they feel it is just a high priced gimmick.  However if you use the words sale, discount, or even buy 1 get 1.  These are terms that the customers are looking for and are more apt to click on the links as long as you deliver what you promise on the other side.

5. Honest
It is ok to make a mistake but be honest and correct it and apologize to your visitor. Also when you are using PPC marketing all your information should be honest with no false information. The false information will turn your customer away. It will also leave your site with a negative reputation. If you are practicing dishonesty in your site you are only going to accrue the cost with no returns in the end result.

6. Review your ad performance

Make sure you check on your PPC ads on a daily basis. This will allow you room for fixing any errors that you may inquire.  It will also allow you time to optimize your site if you are not seeing the results that you are seeking.

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Making money with your PPC marketing campaign can make you tons of cash if it is done correctly. The more time and effort that you put into the ppc search engine internet marketing the more revenue you stand to generate in the end.

What Is PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is one of the most widely used forms of paying for advertising there is on the internet today.  The method of charging you, the advertiser, has been most generally credited to Bill Gross.  This method was first introduced into the internet world in 1998.  It is also one of the most popular on the internet today. It does have several drawbacks but also several advantages. Understanding PPC can help you avoid falling into the drawbacks of PPC advertising, a good idea to ask “What is PPC Marketing?”.

The main basic idea of PPC is that people like you purchase links on search engines or on sites that employ search engines ad, such as blogs for one example. You only pay for your ad when a visitor clicks on your link. The fees that you will pay for this type of marketing usually vary considerably.  When considering the cost the search engine terms that are used more frequently tend to cost more than the keywords that are less frequently used.

What Is PPC Marketing

You may be more familiar with the more common pay for click advertising that appears with Google.  What you are probably not aware of is that a lot of other search engines have a program similar to this for their commercial clients.  There are generally two different ways that you can have your advertising ad appear on the search engines.  The first one is known as the sponsored matched PPC advertising.  In this program ads appear in the organic search engine pages.  When a potential visitor searches for a certain keyword and your ad is related to that topic, then it most generally will pop up off to the side of the search engine, typically a designated advertising space.

The other form of PPC marketing is called content match.  When certain people create sites that contain private content they have the ability to choose to participate in programs that will allow them to run ads on their personal pages.  Most generally they are also reimbursed for advertising the pay per click site as well. This is most generally though just a small percentage of what the original advertising site owner makes. This profit can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the contract terms.  This is a great way for a private site owner to gain traffic to their site because visitors will most generally click on their link to check out the advertising.  Discovering what ppc marketing is can be an involved task for anyone just getting online, but stick with it because the subject of ppc will come up often!

If you have decided that PPC might work great for you will be able to find a variety of different companies on the search engines.  You must take considerable time to research which company will best suit your PPC marketing needs.

3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes

PPC, Pay per Click, marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools that are available on the internet today.  But just like any other advertising campaign it needs to be done with careful planning and consideration in order to avoid certain pitfalls that may occur while you are creating your marketing campaign.  If you begin your PPC marketing plan without careful planning first you have set yourself up to lose thousands of dollars and tons of wasted hours.  There are books available that you can read that will help you put a great plan into place for your PPC Marketing plan.

Putting a successful PPC marketing plan is easy though without books if you avoid a few of the more common mistakes that most people make. Note though even if you have discovered that you have made one of the following errors that can be easily fixed quickly and get your campaign back on track.

3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes

1.The most common mistake people find themselves doing in creating their PPC marketing plan is using their homepage as the landing strip.  While to most business owners it may seem logical to have your visitors brought to your homepage there are reasons why this should not be done.

People who will click on your advertisement are most generally looking for a specific item. Instead of bringing them to the home page, create a landing strip for your ad to bring them too.  This will allow you to bring your customers exactly the right spot that they are searching for. This will make them happy because you saved them time and as a result they are more than likely to visit again.  Each of your landing page should be keyword specific relating to your add. It should also not contain any other links or distractions.

2.If your landing page is confusing to your reader you will lose sales as a result.  If you create a PPC that is targeted to the visitors key word it will result in sales almost every time as long as it easy for them to read and understand.  Your landing page should also be part of the keyword that they are searching for.  Make sure that it easy for the reader to find. You should also have several different landing pages if you have several different keywords or topics.

3.Every search engine that is available on the internet today will use its own methods as to where to place your ad.  One of the biggest mistakes that people who are new to PPC marketing make is that they do not tightly target their keywords well enough to get considered for optimum placement on the search engines.  Over 85% of all search engine results are based on the top three ads.  If you are not able to focus your keywords well enough you will not make the top three and have the potential to lose a lot of money as a result.

As you can see the more common mistakes made by new users to the PPC Marketing world are fairly easy for anyone to make. Knowing how to fix them is the key to a great PPC marketing campaign.

Benefits Of PPC Marketing

PPC is one of the most valuable marketing tools available today for web business owners. It is a great way for them to generate traffic and sales quickly to their site. It has proven to be very beneficial to all web business owners no matter what the size of their business is. There are also other great benefits to running a PPC marketing campaign.

Benefits Of PPC Marketing

• First of all there is the benefit of financial planning. With PPC marketing you have the ability to set up a daily budget for the amount of money you would like to spend on advertising in any given day. If your marketing campaign seems to be making you huge revenue then you can increase it any time you feel you are ready. There is no set limit on the amount that you are able to spend
• PPC marketing is a well planned targeted campaign that you create. You will have the choice of what keywords you would like to use on your site. These keywords will also ensure you to get specific traffic to your site based on your product. There needs to be careful planning in this stage of the game though to ensure that it takes off successfully.
PPC Marketing also has campaign flexibility. PPC will help you accent your products brand name as well as its quality. At any time you can add or remove keywords to your ad campaign to drive even more traffic and sales to your site.  You also will have the ability to introduce any new components to your advertising campaign at any time. This will help you increase your ranks on the search engines.
• Another benefit of PPC marketing is that you pay for what you get. Remember with PPC marketing you only pay for the number of clicks that you receive on your site. Unlike some of the other marketing tools that are available on the internet today you will pay for only genuine people that visit your site. These people are actually looking for your product which is why they clicked on your advertisements. These genuine people are usually the ones that are generating your revenue for you.
• There is also testing potential that is available with your PPC marketing campaign.  If you have launched a new product and would like to know how it will do with the general product you have the ability to do a test run.  The number of clicks that you receive on the product will help you know if the product will generate revenue for you or not.
• A final benefit of PPC marketing is that you are able to see instant results.  A very well planned and researched PPC campaign can show you instant results.

As you can see there are a lot of different benefits as to why you should choose PPC marketing for your advertising needs.

How To Get A Google Adwords Coupon

You might be wondering….what is a Google Adwords coupon and why should you even want one? This coupon is a voucher for free pay-per-click marketing from Google Adwords. You probably already know Adwords is the top pay-per-click marketing company on the web. A Google Adwords coupon can get you great targeted traffic for free and you just need to find one! Find more info on Adwords Coupons.

Do you have a website? Then you know the key to its success is obviously getting people to visit it. Without visitors, you can’t share the information, or sell your products or services. If you intend to make money through affiliate programs, then you need visitors to click and help you earn commissions. Website traffic is the be all and end all for any type of marketing online.

Finding A Google Adwords Coupon

Even if your site isn’t set up to make money yet, you want traffic who will keep returning to your site. Then when you monetize the site, you’ll have established visitors already. So a Google Adwords coupon can be valuable, no matter what type of website you have.

The big question is, “How do you get a free or discount Adwords coupon so you can get some free pay per click advertising?” Simply do an internet search on the phrase and you’ll find a variety of websites that are giving them away as a promotional material. If any of those sites were things you would have been purchasing or using anyway, then you might want to do so while they’re offering the coupons.

The most common ways to find the free coupons are at websites that are related to Internet marketing. Also look for websites where you can register a domain and purchase web hosting accounts, these sometimes give away coupons as an enticement to make you purchase their products or service.

Some companies that offer other types of advertising sometime give away free advertising vouchers and coupons. Joining a network like a small business network or some other search engine related listings can sometimes come with a free Google Adwords coupon as an incentive.

Every now and then you might stumble on these coupons for sale on eBay. Often those deals will ask you to pay $30 for a $50 voucher. Or you might find them for half price or less. Watch out though when purchasing coupons that were suppose to be free. You don’t know how the person acquired it or whether they’re being honest with you.

Whether you get a discount or free Adwords coupon or not, the service can be very valuable to you. If you do get a coupon, then use all of the information Google has available on their Adwords site to make the very most of your free PPC advertising. That means spend some time reading the Adwords instructions.

Even without a coupon you can spend as little as $5 to get started. That $5 will buy you a different amount of traffic, depending on the cost of the keyword or keywords you’ve bid on. If each click from your keyword costs 5 cents, then you’ll get a lot of traffic. If each click costs more, you’ll of course get less traffic for that same $5.

If you’re lucky enough to get a Google Adwords coupon for $25 of $50, choose a very specific low-cost keyword to get tons of free traffic.

It’s worth spending however much time you need to understand how adwords works. Google’s Adwords program has done more to advance marketing and advertising in the last 6 years than any other development either online or offline. Learn to use adwords correctly and you can make yourself and/or your clients a lot of money.

Perry Marshall is known as the Internet Marketing Godfather of Adwords. Nobody does it better than Perry. Check out his book entitled a Definitive Guide to Adwords…..and don’t be afraid to join his newsletter or mailing list because he is the best of the best!

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Where To Find The Google Adwords Promotional Code

The Google Adwords promotional code allows those who market their goods and services on the internet through use of pay per click marketing to reduce their initial costs.  Google is the leader in pay per click marketing and many people use this source first.  As a result, people are always looking for the Google Adwords promotional code.

The reason Google Adwords promotional code exists is to entice people to begin using pay per click marketing in the first place.  The prospect of $50 or more in free online advertising gets many people excited about the possibility of marketing on the internet.  Google knows that if business people see a strong Return on Investment in this free advertising, they will return for more and pay for it.

Where To Find The Google Adwords Promotional Code

The best place to look for the Google Adwords promotional code is through your web hosting service.  Google teams up with these providers to offer the advertising service.  It is a natural fit.

But, if your hosting company does not offer the promotion, you can often buy promotional codes at a deep discount at ebay. These codes, sometimes with up to $250 in free clicks, are available for $5 to $10.

Google is not the only company that offers these promotions.  Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) also tries to entice new customers to sign up for their services by offering a coupon for free pay per click searches.

Other ppc marketing companies have tried to compete with Google and Yahoo with less success.  Bidvertiser offers quite extensive free campaigns, but many people end up back with Google, and to a lesser extent, Yahoo, because they have a much higher return for the investment and effort.

For both Adwords and YSM, you can only use the promotional codes if you are a new customer. Once you have activated an account with a credit card, you can no longer use the Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Adwords Promotional Code.

Once you get started with pay per click advertising, it is important to monitor your costs.  Many people have set their daily spending limits too high and have seen their credit cards drained as a result.  On the other side of the coin, some people have written lousy ads and not seen any results from their PPC campaigns.

Before starting any pay per click programs, make sure you read up on the strategies.  Perry Marshall has written an excellent book called “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” and I recommend that anyone thinking about launching a pay per click campaign read it.  Don’t even spend your Google Adwords promotional code money before you have a good idea about what you are doing.

Many businesses have been launched using pay per click.  Others have grown or flourished as a result of these campaigns.  Just make sure that you know what you are doing before you start.

It can be truly amazing to see hundreds of dollars come into your inbox as a result of a few dollars in ad spend.  But, if you don’t watch your campaigns closely, you could end up losing more than you make.

The best way to launch a PPC campaign is for free using Google Adsense promotional code.

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Google Image Ad Format

I’ve been setting up some google adwords ad campaigns for my son’s hardwood flooring business. It’s been a little while since I looked over the adwords section of google and it’s really amazon how much has changed.

Previously it had been a real pain to define local areas when promoting a local business. In other words if you were promoting a pizza business in your local town, you wouldn’t want to exceed…..maybe a 10 mile radius or maybe even 5 miles if you were delivering pizzas. Google Adwords no really lets you define a geographical area with ease, it could be a simple circle around the defined area or it even allows you to create  polygon or sorts to define the area the ads will show in. Very cool for promoting offline businesses.

I can see that I have a lot to catch up on….maybe even give adwords another shot myself :)

Also I checked out the display ad builder… oh man, they have really come a long way to make creating and designing your graphical ad a piece of cake. The below video doesn’t show all the new features but you’ll get the idea. I haven’t tested graphical ads but I hear some people are getting fantastic results.


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