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Review of Google+ For Business

Images of Google+ For Business

Google+ For Business knocks it out of the park! I did a comprehensive Google Plus for Business Review, if you want to be part of Google’s answer to Facebook check out Google+ For Business Review.

The information is this package is great for personal consumption and will set you up as an authority for Google+ For Business and the dispersal of this information to others who need it….. of course you can monetize this in a multitude of ways. Before I say anything else, I gotta tell ya, the PowerPoint is awesome, very professional, easily divided and very useful for the guy looking to figure out how to implement Google+ in their business.

How do you portray a product or service as being awesome without sounding like you’re a ringer for the creator? It’s easy to take on the lemming mindset without real info of a product or service and I don’t want to be accused of that. I got a copy of Google+ For Business and the OTO’s and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by the materials in Google+ for Business.

Image of Google+ For Business ebookIn fact, after I started reading some of the ebooks, I stopped and printed out all the pdfs and docs that were available and put them in a binder. I find it easier to study the printed material…. must show my age :)

I wanted to do a thorough review for other warriors but my concern is that people think that these reviews are provided just by “yes” men. You know what I mean, the sometimes the same people leave a review or testimony telling us how great a product or service is when in reality they haven’t even looked at it yet.

Well, I read through almost everything because I’m extremely interested in Google+ and I’m here to tell you that Bertus did an awesome job. The products are awesome and the sales funnel is even “awesomer” ….if there is such a word.

It’s not often a PLR product is done with such thoroughness and for the price you can now become an authority on Google+ and pass that information down to your list or start your own Google+ membership. In doing the Google+ for Business Review I was surprised at how well organized the entire package is, that includes the being able to find materials for personal use and how well the material was packaged for the sales funnel.

Although Bertus’ PLR packages always seem to be outstanding this one really kills it.

I did a complete review where I mention details of the product along with the OTO’s at, not being a fan of OTS’s at least Bertus makes mention of them in the original post. Furthermore, I would suggest you pick up these 2 OTO’s because they come with PLR and resell rights so you can include them in one huge package. The OTO’s aren’t necessary for the original package but they make a very nice addition and the price is right.

I’d post the review here but I got carried away and it’s a little long….. lots of detail!

I also did a YouTube video with screenshots of the package and OTO’s at:


To Bertus….Great job my friend, much success with your wso!

Scott Parat

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