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Getting Your Emails Opened For Your Online Internet Business!

Email is rated the number one way to connect with people and get your service or product information read for your online internet business. It even has a higher return on investment over direct mail, or newspaper. Now with I-pads, I-phones, cell phones and PDAs email is really easy to access.

When email first came about, people were excited to receive emails. It was all new and what ever they had sent to them, made them feel important, so they would open it and read it. Now with millions of people on the internet and all the spamming going on, it is really hard to get your emails open.

Unless you give people a really good reason to open your email, it will just get deleted. Sometimes it will not even get to where your sending it, as the spam filters will delete it first.

Be Personable

One way to get your emails open is to use the persons name. Everyone likes to be recognized as a person and not just another sale. One of the easiest ways to use their first name that is in your list is through Aweber.

Aweber costs $19.00 a month and you can personalize each and every email blast you send out. It is real easy to sign up to and they will also track your success. They let you know how many times the email was opened, and even how many have opted out.

Having an Option

Having an opting out option is another real important part of emailing. By giving someone the choice of opting out of receiving your email will help you in being accused of spamming them.

Always make sure you are not double sending an email to the same person. Some people might be so excited about your product or service, that they will opt in to your website more than once. By doing this you could be sending them a lot of the same email, which again will be considered spam. Aweber will stop this from happening with their automated service.

Double check to make sure the address you are emailing to is a legitimate one. There are soft bounces and hard bounces. A soft bounce is when an email will come back, but only because of a glitch in the system. Trying again will allow it to go through. A hard bounce, means that it is a bad email and if you keep trying to send to it, it will be considered spam. Anytime your email is considered as spam, your IP, Internet Protocol, (a number that is assigned to every computer connected to the internet), will look bad, and you may have just ruined any chance of using email as a source of advertising.

Divide Into Groups

When emailing to a mass of clients, try divided them into groups. For instance if your selling weight loss, email to those that are only interested in loosing weight. If someone is interested in a business opportunity, email them about a great business opportunity you have come across.

The more you know what people are searching for, the more your email will get opened up and read, and the less you will be considered a spammer. By using Aweber, it will help you filter through most of the things that can cause you to look like a spammer. The more emails you get opened up, the more successful your online internet business will be.

Julianne Rowat, the author, is an internet marketing entrepreneur. She has wrote other articles, press releases and has videos on motivation, self improvement, and FAQ about having an internet marketing business. Her husband is a retired fire fighter/ paramedic. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. They travel all around the United States in their motor home while working their internet marketing business. Their mission is to help others all over the world succeed in their own internet marketing business. You can read more about them in their blog at: or check out their business at Her and her husband also have another business that will save you fuel mileage and help purify our air quality. Go green at
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What Are The Top PPC Sites Today

When most people hear PPC, they think Google Adwords. And for good reason. . .In the US, Google leads the top PPC sites and now controls 74% of all searches in the US. Yahoo holds 11% of the market share and MSN 9% of the pie. The remaining 6% goes to all the other search engines combined. While Google is probably the best place to start with your PPC campaigns, there are reasons to consider some of the other search engines, if not now, then later on. Why start with google?

First of all, it’s extremely easy to get started with Google and the initial one-time fee is minimal. Another benefit of using google is that it’s very easy to track which keywords are converting and which ads are getting the best click-through rates. Also, the sheer amount of traffic you’ll get with google is the main reason you want to start there. If you can’t get the results you want with Google Adwords, you most likely won’t be able to do it with any of the other search engines either.

When should you consider other PPC Sites and which ones should you choose?

Once you make some money with Google AdWords, move your most profitable keywords and best ads over to the other PPC sites. MSN is definitely on the rise and currently matches or betters the search results that Google does today.

MSN is also spending about 20 times more than Google on advertising so it’s likely that it will win more market share from Google over the next year and continue to do so. As with Google Adwords, the initial start-up fee with MSN is minimal, making it easy to get started.

Yahoo! Search Marketing is generally considered to be a little more expensive but offers fantastic tutorials and support and provides detailed reporting tools to help you track your ads’ performances. If you want fast results and you’re willing to pay top dollar for a well-known site with a worldwide reputation, Yahoo! Search Marketing is the place to advertise.

7Search is another up and coming PPC Site with traffic reaching up to 1.5 billion searches a month. The company also claims better Return On Investment than either Google or Yahoo! because of their high quality traffic sources. The initial start-up fee is $25.00.

Why move to other top PPC sites?

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and Google Adwords, Study His Google Adwords Techniques

The advantages of using Google Adwords are clearly ease and popularity among information seekers all over the world. If you are new to PPC, you’ll definitely have to start advertising with the very low searched keywords on Google Adwords because the competition will be extremely high for those terms that most widely sought online. It’s getting harder and harder to make a low bid on Google Adwords and still come up in the top rankings. Google is also frowned upon often by its advertisers for its changing of rules without much (any) notice. This is what companies who own 75% of the market share have the luxury of doing.

These top PPC Sites should eventually all be included in your marketing plans for the most thorough coverage and results.