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If you are running an internet marketing business you undoubtedly have more than one computer. In fact, you probably have at least 2 or 3 computers, a smart phone, at least one tablet and of course a laptop. Wouldn’t it be nice to have certain files synced across all computers? Or maybe your photos from […]

Best Tactics Used In Internet Marketing Strategies

Effective Tactics For Internet Based Marketing Some tend to look down upon those who claim to be internet marketers using different strategies of internet marketing. That mindset really shows the ignorance of the occasional or beginning webmaster. If you are going to have a successful website, then it is imperative that you take advantage of […]

Internet Marketing Again!

I’ve been quite. Its been a long summer, actually a long year! I invested a ton of money into my internet marketing business, buying all the latest and greatest. I never was in a position to be able to do this but I carefully spent money on tools, books, classes, memberships and strategies I hope […]

PLR, Resell Rights, Physical Products and Selling Online ….Making Money Online

Someone asked a question about how things were going in regards to making money online. I thought I would reflect on a few of my experiences! Got to agree with you Doug…. physical products are a pain in the butt. My wife does some artwork and we sell some art related items online along with […]

Review of MyCookbookStore


Do you have a pile of ebooks with resell rights? Have you thought about starting your own online bookstore and just can’t find the right theme or template? Starting an online bookstore isn’t as difficult as you might think. Sometimes it’s easier to get a start if you have materials at hand for your decided […]

Amazon’s Hike In Fees and Amazon Internet Marketing Products

Every internet marketer gets sick and tired of the internet marketing routine sooner or latter. You know, the constant hypey emails. The long salespages promising to make you a millionaire over night. And then there’s the constant new, best and easiest to use tool that guarantees you will get a ton of traffic and a […]

Sick of the Internet Marketing and Making Money Online Scammers

Man, I’ve been doing internet marketing for over 10 years, chasing the elusive process of trying to make money online. I got an email from the guy below, can’t say I open all his emails or follow his suggestions. But, he has been a good source and he doesn’t speak with a forked tongue 🙂 […]

Unsubscribing From Email Lists

I saw a post on the warrior forum at : Warrior Forum and Kay King was talking about unsubscribing as quoted below Crash and Burn Your List. Was your New Year’s resolution “I’m going to email my lists next year?” I’ve been noticing a huge increase in emails from list owners in the past month. […]

Wiki Word Plugin Review

Walt Baylis has come up with another interesting and effective wordpress plugin called Wiki Word Plugin, I had a quick look at what it can do and thought I would do a wiki word plugin review. One of the problems with buying wso’s is it becomes habit forming, you want or think you need every […]

Review of Digi Traffic Generator

I wanted to do a quick review of digi traffic generator from digi results and Andy Fletcher. A while back, one of Andy’s tools kept me right on page 1 for a good money making word, his products are always cutting edge and his support has increased and been satisfactory in the last year. I […]