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Review of Facebook Ad Secrets by Drew Laughlin

Purchased and Providing A Review of Facebook Ad Secrets a PLR Marketing Package I’ve been investing in Drew Laughlin’s marketing products for a long time, probably since he started. His products are consistent, designed to accomplish a specific task and help you (the internet marketer) to appear more professional and help you to come off […]

Saving Galaxy S5 Images

I’m looking for some help managing images from both an iphone and galaxy 5. I hope someone has a better idea on how to accomplish what I need. To begin with I am developing a couple authority sites for local buisnesses that would benefit from images of projects that are being done by their respective […]

Review of Online Reputation Management Flyers

Any business has marketing costs associated with a marketing strategy. If you own a business in today’s economy you better have a marketing strategy because it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Survival of the fittest applies to businesses as well as species! I love working with local/offline marketers. You know, the brick and […]

Review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme


One of my interests and focus is on helping local businesses to get online with good looking websites.This review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme will help you decide if its for you in your offline and local marketing I want to provide the best functioning websites that are appropriate for the type of small […]

Review of WPLeadPrompt Another Local/Offline Marketing Theme

Why should you buy another offline/local wp theme? If you’re into offline marketing you probably have more than one local theme. Every time a new one comes out you think to yourself ….”wow, this looks awesome, I better get this for my offline business”. Then that inner voice kicks in and says ….hey, you already […]

Review of NEW WP Feedback Theme Makes it EASY To Get Local Reviews

You’ll want to Review this NEW WP Feedback Theme that Makes it EASY To Get Local Reviews by none other than Josh Precht…. an internet marketing warrior that actually uses what he sells and knows the directory/review business like the back of his hand. If you do any work with local businesses, you know how […]

Review of Local Directory Empire

Local Marketing Directories have always fascinated me for a couple of reasons and to make it easy for you to understand and implement I found a Business in a Box called Local Directory Empire I was a brick and mortar business personal for a long time, I understand the problems the local business guy goes […]

Review of WP-SEOcard

I wanted to share some of my thoughts in a review of WP-SEOcard a new WordPress plugin. In this quick review of WP-SEOcard you’ll find it extremely useful for feeding search engines information they need to quickly determine what you’re site is about and more importantly wheter or not it is a local business site […]