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Channel Clone Review

Cliff Carrigan is kind of a behind the scenes youtube marketing and software guru, when cliff recommends something or reveals one of his secret software projects…. get it! Thought I would do a quick review of channel cloner.

Cliff has developed a series of software apps to help with his youtube marketing efforts. I have grabbed every one that he’s put out, they are usually simple but take care of a specific task making life and work easier and more importantly they help you to make more money online using youtube.

The latest youtube app he has released is called Channel Clone, you can check out a quick video of it by Clicking Here

Channel Clone Review

review of channel clone by cliff carriganSo to sum things up what this premium tool can do for you right now:

1.) Instantly you can protect your youtube channel and videos with ease.. (must have)

2.) Allows you to download videos even if you can’t still
log in to the account or if you have forgot your password (huge time saver + )

3.) Gives you the ability to charge money for this Youtube (In Demand)
service for anyone that wants access to their videos but
can’t log in to their account. (this happens a lot)

4.) Allows you to copy entire Youtube channels even if you
don’t own them (very sneaky and powerful)

5.) Plus lots of other cool ideas that you can probably
think of yourself when using this tool. ( Possibilities are endless)

There is tremendous blackhat potential with Channel Clone, got an email from Cliff the other day regarding one possible strategy:

Yesterday morning I released one of my private tools that I use to keep an advantage over basically all other video marketers.

I ended up getting a lot of emails from people asking me questions that lean heavily toward the blackhat side of things, but no one wanted to come right out and say it.

So today, I decided to give a blackhat scenario for those who are just curious as well as those who are really wanting to move in that direction.

Review of Channel Clone

First, understand/realize that blackhat isn’t illegal or necessarily unethical. It is simply the act of exploiting existing situations to provide yourself an advantage over others.

Having said that of course, each individual decides where that line in the sand is for him/her self and acts/reacts accordingly.

So, I’m going to walk you through a blackhat scenario that a tool like Channel Clone could be used for.

Let’s set the stage:

First Check out this video

Goal: Create an adsense/partner income via youtube channel

A blackhat enthusiast might take some combination of the following approach.

1- Go to youtube ‘trending’ page and select a video that seems to be from a ‘normal’ user and not some major brand or celebrity.

2- Clone that channel

3- Upload

4- Add more/better seo to the description/tags than the original person had.

5- Let nature take it’s course.

6- Take steps 1-5 on another trending video.

The take away? A measure of people will end up hitting that video because it is trending but they didn’t come to it via the youtube trending page, they got there from google search or youtube search for same/similar title.

So now you are getting organic views and should be getting subscribers too.

Do that a few times on a channel, then move on and do the same on a different account and so on.

Now, if you lose an account or two, no big deal you’ll still have more accounts.

Once those accounts settle in a bit you can then begin to merge them together.

Now youtube sees that you get a lot of views, that you have lots of subscribers, so now you can make money from ads being displayed on your videos, plus you get a few secret perks once your account reaches certain levels of subscribers and video visits.

You will at some point also likely be approached by various ‘big companies’ who want you to ‘review’ their product and share with your audience. – Which means free good stuff, and possibly money too.

So, there you go. A blackhat foundation. It doesn’t get a lot easier than that.

Done your own review of Channel Clone and see if this isn’t test best.


One thing I thought of doing was using the app in a straight white hat way. Use it to clone youtube channels for profit. Do you know how many people are on youtube, most are dweebs, but there’s a handful…..couple million that would be devasted if they lost their youtube channel. Why not start a service and backup youtube channels using Channel Clone? …..I’m just sayin 🙂

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