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Did You Buy a Worthless Domain Name

I ran into a great post on choosing a domain name, you know, how to pick the right domain. Great content and good ideas if you’re looking to pickup a new domain. It started off like this:

Have scumbags convinced you to buy a worthless domain? These twelve ideas reveal the sad truth
Posted on March 12, 2012 by Bucky

How important is a domain name?

How should you pick one?

Is the “.com” better than the others?

Are hyphens okay in the domain? What about numbers? Characters? Trademarks?

And do you need an exact match domain?

Truth is, I get asked basic questions a lot. For all the “advanced” courses people buy, I can only guess you are not learning the basics… and success usually comes down to the basics; the fundamentals.

Not to worry.

This is where your good ole’ pal, Buck A. Roo, comes in.

Read the rest of the post……

I had to leave a comment on choosing a domain name…. check it out:

Hey Bucky….. nice domain treatise!

So….I guess I’m a dope, better than a dick 🙂

I purchased my first domain 10 or 12 years ago, ….at the time I didn’t know squat and was lucky enough to get the email, pay for the domain and put it someplace.

Not too long after that the guru’s were saying dashes are OK, but common sense reveals that it just ain’t so. Nonetheless, I’ve had it all this time, I post a few articles, tips and so on. Some plr crap, some ripped off stuff but I have fun with it and its my way of staying in the IM niche and letting the real guru’s do the heavy lifting.

For the last couple of years I always find suitable keywords and phrases while sticking with .com, .net and .org. Almost always stay with .com though and the rest of you bucks would be wise to listen to the buckaroo 🙂

I’m gonna do a quick post and link back to yours, really good info for newbies and some of us that have been online for a while to consider when picking up a domain name. It really does matter in many different ways.

I don’t remember seeing any comments on local or offline marketing and helping clients with domains. Totally different story, I know…. .but worthy of a few thoughts.

Almost all local business owners have a “vanity domain” complex. In other words they want their domain to be be which may or may not brand the guy. It won’t do anything for geotargeting, that is when the local customers they want start searching for them. They’ll start searching on “cityname plumber”, poor ole Joe will be luck if he’s someplace on the 10th page. Well, its next to impossible to tell that plumber he needs to buy ….. so, here’s a tip. Let the guy get his vanity domain, put up a quick one page blog ….also, get the and do all your optimizing, link building etc on the city name domain. You’ll want to make sure you have stats to show ole Joe which domain is pulling all the business….. in fact, dare him to offer a giveaway or something on the non-vanity domain. Of course you want to link over to the guys vanity domain but it works and if the guy really really really wants his vanity domain to be on top and he’s got the bucks, go for it!

Anyway, thanks for post


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