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Draw on the screen with ZoomIt

You might not realize it but there was a time when only a handful of internet marketers used screen capture and video screen recording to do internet marketing.

Today if you don’t own a copy of Camtasia then you just aren’t really making the most of your efforts. Internet marketer’s use video screen recording to do reviews of affiliate products or their own products. They do screen capture video for just about every selling effort whether it be online or offline. One feature you want to master is the ability to draw on the screen while recording a video.

One of the problems I’ve come across has been using the screen draw tools in Camtasia. Using these highlighting tools can be cumbersome and awkward when trying to do screen capture videos. You want to be able to concentrate on what you are saying and the website or screen that you are recording…. not on clicking different tool icons trying to get the right tool to show up!

Anyway, I ran across a small app that allows you to easily zoom, draw and highlight…. a marker for screen capture video. You can use a hotkey for any of the functions and it makes for very smooth screen recordings. For instance, I might be explaining how to or where to do something on a website and all I have to do is hit one hotkey for zoom and another hotkey for the pen, mark up and discuss and move on to the next point.

Although Camtasia’s tools get the job done, ZoomIt is an application that works outside of camtasia and gives you more freedom and creativity for cranking out great videos.

You can find ZoomIt at ….give it a try and see if it gives you a little more freedom and flexibility when doing your instructional screen capture videos.

I forgot to mention you can even type on the screen you’re recording with ZoomIt. I can’t tell you what a pain it was for me to draw on the screen while recording using the Camtasia Tools, but with ZoomIt I found a nice and easy solution.

Did I mention ZoomIt was a free tool, yep, download it for free at

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