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FREE Dropbox Account

Get a free dropbox accountIf you are running an internet marketing business you undoubtedly have more than one computer.

In fact, you probably have at least 2 or 3 computers, a smart phone, at least one tablet and of course a laptop.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have certain files synced across all computers? Or maybe your photos from your smartphone automatically backuped up and synced to your desktop computer or all devices?

It’s no big deal these days but using a service like Dropbox can do all that plus some and you can access your files, photos and images, and folders online.

Sure you can use your home network to access and sync files but it can become a bit complicated and beyond the scope of the average computer user. A FREE Dropbox account will allow you to check this tool out.

Dropbox also lets you invite others to share a file or folder. I use Dropbox in my Offline Website business. One of the companies is a construction business and I’ve given him access to a folder on my Dropbox account. He takes photos as he works and the job progresses and loads them to the folder. He will also do small videos ….same thing, he uploads the video to my dropbox folder, I have access to the video or images and then store them on my hard drive.

By keeping up with your FREE Dropbox account ( ) you can keep using the free account. If you’re busy or it turns out to be an important tool  you might want to consider getting a business or professional account. I think they start off at about $10 a month. You end up with more features also. Still, the free account will get you what you need until your business grows.

Click Here and get a free dropbox account now!

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