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Free Flickgraph Alternative

cliplet-candles4Animated gifs have been around for a long time, you needed an editor to create one and it took some effort.

Now there are free gif creators online, just do a google search, however there are more advanced gif editors letting you selectively create gifs from mp4 files or video files that grab one’s eye immediately. Very important if trying to capture the readers attention for product purchase or making a point.

One of the newer gif editors is FlickGraph and it is not free, however, it does some pretty cool stuff. Easy to use and you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

However there is a free FlickGraph alternative from Microsoft called a Cliplet and you can get the application from microsoft for free, click on free FlickGraph Alternative and you can get started in minutes!

There is a nice set of tutorials Actually this little app seems to be able to do more than FlickGraph but you are limited to a 10 second video to work with …. check out this tutorial

They also have a cliplets forum you might want to visit if you’re having problems or looking for ideas on how to use this handy little app!

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