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Gabfire Themes Review

I am a wordpress theme junkie! I have a hard time trying to stop myself from purchasing even ugly, simple and out of date wordpress themes 🙂 I have reviewed many themes, purchased many themes and used many themes and there are some general rules for purchasing a solid, well supported wordpress theme, thus the reason I did this short Gabfire Theme review.

200x125With that said, I found that you can get great deals on the warrior forum. Some of the themes are just beautiful and might work well for one version of wordpress but as soon as the upgrades start happening the theme breaks. I’ve become pretty good at hacking away but its would be nice if the developers could provide some degree of customer service and support.

There was on fellow from the warrior forum that I must have purchased 25 themes, I was using one of them, the latest and it wasn’t working. I emailed a couple of times and even left a post in the wso section of the warrior forum and did not get an answer. It was only when I threatened to tell everyone how poor his customer support was…… he got mad, refunded me and told me to get lost.

The lesson, only buy a one off theme with the expectation of not getting support and either hiring out the problem or fix it yourself. The safest option when buying wordpress themes is to purchase from a vendor with some longevity. That is, someone who has been in business for a while and has a handful of themes they have designed. They usually have a support staff, you can usually purchase all the themes for a one off price and monthly fee and you can get a variety of licenses to suit your needs.

There are also several WordPress developers that spend all their time on one theme, sometimes 2 or 3 but they work on building and adding useful features to the one theme, if they have been around for a while they usually are pretty good… I can think of two guys right off hand:

Michael Formby
Strive Themes

Review of Gabfire Themes

Today I want to tell you about one developer of wp themes that I have followed for the last 7 years or so. His themes are probably some of the most advanced and well developed on the internet. I would recommend them to anyone and the main minnow at Gabfire Themes is Mehmet whom I talked to over the years.

Well today I finally saw they had a year membership where you can purchase all the themes for a fixed amount and then a small monthly payment. Folks, I tell you, these are some of the coolest themes available. The newspaper style themes are beautiful and he has developed another 27 wpthemes.

Check out Gabfire Themes if you are doing any type of newspaper, or the newspaper style fits especially well for offline or local business directories.

Regarding offline directories you can combine businesses along with news items easily, it looks good and is easily navigable. Grab an Ad Management plugin and you can have an weekly or monthly income on autopilot. I’m not sure if any of the local business plugins would work with these themes and you might have to do some manual work but it would be well worth it. You could easily setup a small town newspaper online for a nice side business even if you aren’t into directory income.

If you are looking for a newspaper theme, Gabfire’s Advanced Newspaper is the best I’ve seen in 10 years!

Just an idea 🙂

Click Here to check out Gabfire Themes.

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