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GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Review

I was immediately drawn toward GeneratePress a recent WordPress Theme. I guess I’m just a wordpress theme junkie! I just can’t resist a nice looking theme or one that is well thought out and easy to use.

Like all good things, especially in website development, I’ve been waiting for wordpress to come to a screeching halt. So far it just keeps on going, and going. So when I run into a really cool wordpress theme like GeneratePress I like to do a quick review so you guys can check it out.

FREE Version of GeneratePress
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However, WordPress is certainly not as easy to use as it once was. Installing WordPress Themes and Plugins for WordPress can be a nightmare! In the beginning there was a bit of a learning curve, however after a couple of years any newbie could buy a domain, install wordpress and use the default theme ….all within an hour or less. You would have an easy to use platform for selling, sharing or creating a web presence.

Today wordpress is a little clunky out of the box. When you start adding plugins, widgets ….images and files …then you purchase a custom theme, things began to slow down. The site runs slow, your hosting provider really doesn’t like dealing with wordpress installations. The basic version is a hackers dream but it still has the flexibility to be fixed. If you can imagine it, you do do it in wordpress. You just really need to be careful with the size of the site and the speed at which it loads. In reveiwing GeneratePress I found the site to load superfast on a shared hosting account, much faster than my other wordpress blogs.

Whenever I run across a theme I like, I always try to track it down. You can easily do that most of the time by checking out the “source code” and looking for the “contents/theme” in a url, just hit Ctrl F and type in “theme” usually you’ll find what theme is being used.

Check out this video for more info
about the GeneratePress Review

Review of GeneratePress a WordPressTheme

Check out the features of GeneratePress at the end you can get a FREE version of this theme

FREE GeneratePress Versions and a Paid Version of
GeneratePress called GP Preminum with Many Features

I was given a free theme with a purchase I made and it was very basic, simply and loaded really, really fast! Turns out it was GernatePress, click here to check it out. They have a free version and a premium version called GP Premium.

I had some questions so I used their contact button and was contacted within 24 hours. Very nice people to deal with and answered my questions thoroughly.

I had a couple of questions regarding GeneratePress theme the GP Premium

Message Body:
Nice looking theme, thinking about getting the premium.

I watched the video on the header graphic, I wondered if :

-you can have a different page header graphic on each page?
-can I overlay a autorepsonder sign up form over the page header?

Thank you


GeneratePress Answered

generatepress review

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Hi Scott,

Yes, you can create a different page header on each page – you can even replace your site logo/header on individual pages.

As long as your page header is using a background image, you can overlay whatever you like over it.

Let me know if you need more info 🙂

Tom Usborne
Lead Developer

I sent this email to GeneratePress’s support desk

Thanks Tom ….sorry for the delay in responding….been really sick for a long time and never know when I’m going to be out of commission for a while.

Anyway, you guys have a nice looking theme, looks very simple to use but advanced enough to do some cool stuff.

Thinking of getting the premium, money is a little tight these days. I have so many themes now, guess you could say I’m a theme addict. I searched the source code for a theme I was given for making another purchase and it turned out to be yours……so I investigated 🙂

I’ve need to crank out a lot of sites ….but I’m really thinking of using your theme for a directory site I have that I want to convert to wp, and I want to create a basic site for woodworkers to give away with an upsell for a custom site.

Just to make sure I am within your licensing, I want to offer members of a fb group I’m in. Probably be one page, maybe with an about and blog link …..not sure. But most of these folks are hard workers and know little to nothing about a website yet all could use one. I would do an upsell for a custom site, upsell for hosting and downsell for the basic site souped up. I’m sure I can sell the sites but is there any problem giving away the basic site? Most of the memberships I have allow this, just wanted to make sure I did not cause any problem or break any rules 🙂

Thanks again for your response

Best Wishes


I Recieved This answer

Shouldn’t be any problem with that, however it’s always suggested that members get their own GP license. This gives them access to the support forum and allows them to keep their license up to date if you choose not to.

It also supports the ongoing development of GP.


Tom Usborne

Lead Developer


I hope this short review of GeneratePress has got you thinking. You can get bogged down by having too many themes, if one can do almost everything you need than GeneratePress is something you should consider. Click Here to go to the GeneratePress website!


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