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Google+ Circles and 5 Creative Ways to Setup Your Google+ Circles

5 Creative Ways to Setup Your Google+ Circles

Google+ CirclesCircles are one of Google Plus’s most important features and what make it a top tier social network right out of the box. However, if you don’t put those circles to good use, you might as well continue using Facebook. So, here are five simple yet creative ways to use your circles to improve communication with your followers and get more out of Google+ Circles.

The Empty Circle

If you haven’t yet seen this tip add it to your Google+ account now to take advantage of a simple, extremely quick tool that allows you to bookmark, journal or take notes on content for later. Yes, there are hundreds of note taking tools out there, but Google+ is directly integrated with your social network and allows you to instantly access it from any computer. Just create an empty circle, or add yourself to an empty circle and you’re set.

Saving or Annotating Hangouts

If you have a lot of hangouts in which valuable information is exchanged, save them to a specific circle so you can access them later. This limits access to only people who are invited to your Hangouts and it makes it easy to reference what you talked about in the past and on what day. Grab Camtasia to record your hangouts and you can even use them as great giveaways or upsells in the future.

Collaborative Production

Create a Google+ circle and invite only the people you want to share content with on a specific project. You can share with each other and create collaborative documents, spreadsheets or even stories. This is useful for everything from story writing to video production.

Sharing Circles

You can now share your circles with others. Create valuable circles with specific information and share these with people you know. A circle with the top social media experts in the world? Check. What about industry insiders? Copywriters? Anything you can think of, share it here and you’ll add instant value to your profile.

Exclusive Insider Information

You can’t quite sell access to your Google+ profile yet, but you can offer insider access to specific circles as part of an upsell or bonus for a product you release. Imagine launching a three tier membership site and only offering your daily Google+ Circles updates to those who opt into the third and most expensive tier. You can easily offer incredible value to those people and keep it separate from your daily or twice daily updates to everyone else.

Google+ circles are fantastic and now that they integrate with your Gmail account, Android phone and nearly everything else Google, they are an important part of your marketing campaign. Use them wisely to generate buzz, build value on your profile and create new opportunities with prospects.

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