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How to Save Firefox Browser Tabs

How to Save Firefox Browser Tabs

I never stop being amazed at the good stuff you can get for free when it comes to software, scripts, websites, plugins an other computer and money making tools!

I thought I would share this one because I got really excited when I stumbled on it. I guess I could have looked for something like it but the thought never occured to me.

Not sure if it’s available for anything other than FireFox ….you might want to do some googling if you use chrome or some other browser.

Save Time and Let a Firefox Addon Work Behind the Scenes ….Saving Your Open Tabs

I will have to admint that I am a browser hoarder. You know, I end up with 300 or 400 tabs open when doing research. If I close the tab down, chances are I will forget whatever it was. So, I was bookmarking each window with all the tabs, I would try to do that a couple times a week. It never failed though, the computer would crash from something, power outage ….too many tabs open, grandson smashing the keys….what ever the reason they would all crash and sometimes the “Restore Session” window got lost.

Never failed, I would be right in the middle of something important and all my tabs are gone…. sure you could try to rebuild your tabs from history but that takes forever and isn’t always reliable.

Save My Tabs automatically creates a text file each day on the period you determine. It will look something like this.


Well, I found an add-on for firefox called “Save My Tabs”. It’s not perfect, but its awesome in my eyes because it will automatically create a text file with:

1. the windowAutomatically saves open firefox tabs to a folder
2. all open tabs in that window
3. it can create this file in any interval

For instance if you want to create a picture of all your open FF windows and tabs every 60 minutes, you type in 60 in the “Optinos” button from the “Extensions” tab. That was a little confusing for me, the only place you can change the parameters of the add-on/extension is from Tools–>Add-ons then click on the “Options” tab on the far right side of the screen.

This is what a text file would look like for one period of time on the first of
November, shows all the tabs I had open on firefox:Automatically saves open firefox tabs to a folder

Someone commented that one negative of “Save My Tabs” is that you will end up with a huge folder of files with all you open windows and tabs. I ended up telling the app to create a file every 10 minutes so I could get one file to start, after it created the intial file…. I then figured 2 a day would be fine …so 12*60= 720 minutes is what I entered into the “Period” field …so I get 2 files a day. I’ll either save them or delete what I don’t need.

One more feature is that you can tell “SAVE MY TABS” what directory to save the file in and if you need to yhou can “Reset to Profile” or “Reset to Home”.

Hey, this is a big time saver for me. I no longer need to bookmark all my open tabs. Although I can’t go back to bookmarks to open them all… its just as easy to view the urls in the file that “Save My Tabs” creates.

A real time saver, search google for Firefox Add-ons and then Save My Tabs!

Now it would really be cool if there was an app that keep track of my open folders so that in event of a system crash, lightning or plug getting pulled …..all my open folders would be listed and saved someplace. I did a little research and you can kind of get that effect in firefox, not sure how good it works but I will let you know and I’ll keep looking!

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