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How to Set Up an Ecommerece WordPress Blog

I just got done watching a set of videos, Mart Expert, on how to use woocommerce with wordpress to easily and quickly set up online stores!

I’m amazed at how simple things continue to get. I’ve gotten spoiled using worpdress, I don’t do much coding anymore ….just type away, add a few plugins and presto…. your website is populated and getting traffic.

Use WooCommerce and WordPress to set up an ecommerce store onlineOne of the things that has been difficult while using wordpress is setting up an eCommerce site in the wordpress platform. There are many different plugins, however, it is still difficult to get the look you want and cumbersome to get products in the database. It’s easier than before but still not for the faint of heart ….and if you don’t know any html or css ….you can pretty much forget about setting up your own ecommerce site.

That is until now!

WooCommerce is a wordpress plugin that is open source, meaning free, and has been developed over the last couple of years and made the whole process of setting up an ecommerce wordpress blog almost easy!

I’ve been working on a wordpress ecommerce site for my wife and everytime I think I get it….. well, you know!

I ran across a simple course with a set of 9 simple videos that describes how to use, configure and set up WooCommerce. It’s so much easier to have someone show you how to do something rather than fight through it yourself.

There’s actually 6 videos on e-commerce and 3 on wordpress but I guarantee you’ll have a site up and running if you follow these videos and the course materials.

I picked up a copy for myself and I was just amazed.

Check out Mart Expert to learn how to use woocommerce and wordpress for the most effective and easy method of getting a store setup online. Do a store for yourself and save a ton of cash or keep the information secrete and install the ecommerce sites for others.

Click Here for more info!

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