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Internet Marketing Again!

Great source of images for the web designerI’ve been quite. Its been a long summer, actually a long year!

I invested a ton of money into my internet marketing business, buying all the latest and greatest. I never was in a position to be able to do this but I carefully spent money on tools, books, classes, memberships and strategies I hope to employ over the next year to really give my online income a boost.

I invested a lot in tools for offline or local marketing. I have the latest and greatest in just about everything…. all I need to do is use it. Just buying products can be dangerous and quickly empty a bank account so I would emplore you to carefully invest in products and only buy those things you plan to use. You’ve probably heard of the shiny object syndrome. Its particularly easy to fall into that trap in internet marketing, that is buying the latest tools books and and classes only to let them sit on your hard drive. Don’t do that!!

Our industry is a tough one to keep in the balance. Sure….. new programs, plugins, themes books, tools and memberships pop up like daisy’s in spring. You litereally can’t keep up with what is new, you need to keep up with the new stuff to determine if you need it or not. If you’re working with offline clients you need to keep up with the latest procedures and processes your clients can use. You need to keep them on page one in the the directories ….no easy way to get around it, you just have to keep up with things.

Another income area I’m getting back into is Amazon…hopefully. I live in Illinois, Amazon withdrew their affiliate program and now after a couple of years they are back up and running. I applied but haven’t heard anything yet even though I picked up some Amazon plugins and themes.

Anyway I hope to share some of the new tools I’ve purchased with an honest review. Of course I will try to included an affiliate link when appropriate and would appreciate if you might purchase thru my links :).

Also I’m working on a newsletter, I’m starting to feel better and  once it is ready to roll on a regular basis I will put an optin form here….. feel free to sign up for some good stuff.


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