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Internet Marketing and Integrity

internet marketing  integrityIt’s been a rough couple weeks for me.

I’ve been ill so long, it affects every aspect of your life. You feel like quitting, all your so called friends abandon you after a while. No one wants to hear of you woes.

But I had a couple of surgical procedures that were supposed to help me, change my life. After much prayer I decided to have them done.

Well….no luck. So far, I haven’t seen any results. Its been very disappointing.

On top of that, I was able to purchase a couple of plugins and programs over the last couple of months…hoping they would help my online business, that I might start making the big bucks 🙂

I felt to shitty to implement any of them so they sit on my hard drive collecting electronic pixel dust. I don’t mind buying them, they give me hope because I think, well…..maybe next week I’ll be able to get at it again.

Hope is important.

Internet marketing gives hope to many. Some its a false hope. Some grab the bull by the horns and make it happen. Some stumble across a mentor that will take them by the hand and work with them until they are able to let loose on their own.

Kinda funny now that I think of it. We raised a couple of raccoon families. Fed them with bottles because they were only a couple of weeks old. We were their parents….mentors I guess you could say. We had to teach them how to fish, when to wake up, where not to go…. we did the best we could and when winter arrived they left. We would see them occaisonally over the course of the winter and in the spring the female eventually brought her babies by for us to see and looking for a handout.

If you can find a teacher/mentor I’m convinced that its the best way to go. I can’t recommend anyone right now, but a good teacher already knows the recipe and will teach it to you and its your responsibility to go out and make it happen.

I had some problems earlier in the week with IM stuff.

I couldn’t get a plugin to work. Tried to contact the creator. No luck…. finally after a week of chasing the guy down I finally got a response. It wasn’t “whats the problem” He told me how busy he was and he was traveling. He told me he gets too much email and can’t respond to it and to use his support desk. Well….I already sent something to the support desk. I sent emails to about 5 different email addresses.

Basically his additude was, hey, I got more important things to do than be bothered by support issues. This guy is a warrior, I bought a couple wso’s and even left a nice positive review for him. But you know what…..he treats his customers like shit. He never did respond to my issue yet every day I get 2 to 5 emails from him wanting me to get the next best and greatest wso and make sure I buy through his link.

I had another similar situation this week. I purchased a wso and tried to get the OTO and ended up with nothing. There was no way to get in contact with this warrior. His email returned with a “noreply”, I tried his paypal email, I tried his support desk, I found another couple email addresses and same old crap. Nothing, this time I never even got what I paid for and I had no way of contacting the guy. And yes…..I could have gone in his wso thread and started bitching but I didn’t want to ruin it for him. Finally he responded to a PM I sent.

He told me his email was messed up and he gets 1000 a day or so. You know what, I know the guy is making money and this is part of making money…… you have to support the people who buy your product! Is that hard to realize.

How about people who do wso’s and don’t answer for days only to find out they launched the wso and went on vacation…… what kind of idiot does that? I’ve seen it happen more than once from people you’d never expect.

The last guy did me right, and realized the error of his ways.

I say all this to make mention of a character issue.

One of my son’s friends had tremendous talent and could make a ton of money in his own business. Not IM related. I told him the other day. You’ve got everything it takes to be successful except for one thing. You have no integrity. You’re not a man of integrity. Your word doesn’t mean anything. Your promise is worthless.

Many internetnet marketers are worthless because they have no integrity. When I figure that out, I will never buy from them again. And I will never recommend them again.

The lesson or point.

Be a man or woman of integrity. Let your word be something that your customers take seriously and belive in. If you say something….. then by all means, do it!

Your internet marketing business is a business. It can make you a lot of money. However, if you treat people as numbers or sales only …..well, you won’t last long. People like me will figure your out sooner or latter…. maybe give you warning and then eventually let the world know who and what you are.

That would be a scumbag and a liar.

I’me close to revealing a few names myself….. we’ll see what happens!

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