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Kontent Machine Review

I couldn’t wait to say something about a review of Kontent Machine!

I love to manipulate content. Kontent Machine is the ultimate software application for creating unique content for any purpose.

The best part is that this content can be unique but well written. You can add images, you can add videos and of course you can spin the content into a variety of articles, posts, snippets to meet your needs and the needs of many different link building applications.

review of content machineI know many of you guys hate spinning content ….but you need to reconsider or sharpen your skills because you’re missing the boat. If you write an article, scrape an article or pay someone to write an article you can manipulate that content in so many different ways with Kontent Machine that you’ll sit there dumbfounded.

I can’t believe I haven’t run across Kontent Machine before. I was watching a webinar put on by Derek Pierce and he started creating content with Kontent Machine for his new cloud based service “Force Multiplier” a multi page creator ….couldn’t believe what I saw and how powerful Kontent Machine was.

I have one big complaint. The tutorials suck, there are no videos just some blog posts on how to use Kontent Machine. I searched YouTube for “Kontent Machine Review” and “Kontent Machine Tutorial” and found some decent videos…. not too much promo, just meat.

kontent machine review creates unique content fastDespite the lack of tutorials, this app will help you create some awesome content fast. I have all the spinners and this is so much more than a spinner. Click here to check out Kontent Machine. If you purchase I will make a small commission….. guess you need to say that these days, as if you did not know it. However, I would recommend the product even if I did not get a commission.

I just got it, so give me a while so I can figure everything out and I’ll do some videos. Maybe since the owner hasn’t done any video tutorials I’ll turn his blog posts into videos. I know some guys do not speak English as their native tongue and they are embarrassed or feel badly for their accent. In some cases I know I have not been able to understand even an accent from guys over in the Brisish Isles….. but that’s just me, I can’t hear very well 🙂

I did have some questions and emailed their support over the course of a week and they were very prompt and courteous. I really did appreciate that, nothing worse that trying to make an app work and it takes 3 days or a week to hear back from whoever you purchased it from….. I hate that, but you will not have to worry with Kontent Machine…. these guys were professional, courteous and quick!

Stay tuned, if I can keep healthy I will whip up a couple of videos ASAP.

This concludes Kontent Machine Review….. get a copy today!

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