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PLR, Resell Rights, Physical Products and Selling Online ….Making Money Online

pictures of backkup creator for making money onlineSomeone asked a question about how things were going in regards to making money online. I thought I would reflect on a few of my experiences!

Got to agree with you Doug…. physical products are a pain in the butt. My wife does some artwork and we sell some art related items online along with custom orders. No big money, we haven’t pushed it but not only do the products have to be made the order then needs to be processed. Consider painted glasses, they need to be packaged and then sent via UPS…. hardly worth the few dollars made per item! As you said, that means leaving the house, getting packaging materials and boxing stuff up…. then off the the post office or UPS. Although I’m thankful for the orders I really hate the process!!

Back in the day when ebay allowed info products …, that was one of the easiest ways to build a list. Basically give away a book, website or whatever for a dollar or two or even free and get a name and email address.

The brainiac I am, when adsense came around I thought it would never fly so I ignored it! Took me a year or so to join in and by the time I got involved all the easy adsense money was over s:)

Then there was PPC, you know, write a book about how to teach your parrot to talk and send 2 cent clicks to the page and it becomes easy money. Do one book and you can do 100. I started making some good cash and then Google shut that down.

I think as an internet marketer there are a couple of ways to make money online. Create your own product and sell it. Provide a service that’s needed and be the best at it so you’re in demand. Affiliate marketing will always work along with the CPA stuff. However, I really like the PLR…MRR and RR stuff.

Get a PLR book, software or website. Edit it to make it yours and go live with it. Learn how to send traffic to the site… figure out whether you’re going to go organic or paid and just keep cranking out those sites.

Good PLR and Resell stuff is really hard to find. Most of it is junk today. I can’t speak for your new site “Resale Dream Land” but based on my previous purchases of your products I can bet you’ve done a stand up job. I plan on joining to see what you’ve been up to because as I said, GOOD plr is really hard to find!

I want to make money online but as for me the most money I’ve every made online is buy providing a service. I did graphics such as book covers, headers, templates and the like. I was doing pretty good and then got sick, never recovered.

At one time before the graphics I had a list of about 6,000 and it was on a self hosted autoresponder…… long story short, the site with the autoresponder crashed, the backups crashed and I lost the entire list.

I did make money with that list and losing it was like a punch in the gut, if I didn’t lose it my destiny might have been different.

Finally, besides setting up resell rights products and the constant study of internet marketing I’ve gotten focused on Offline/Local Marketing. I really enjoy helping folks who need it, I know my knowledge of internet marketing website design, mobile websites can literally change their businesses and their lives if they are open to it.

The problem with the offline stuff is that I have to deal with clients. Being sick creates a problem because people don’t like to wait, they don’t want to hear about you being ill or your problems all they want is theirs solved ……so I can only do the offline stuff on a limited basis.

For me, the PLR and Resell stuff makes the most sense because I don’t have to deal with customers (usually) I can focus on subjects I want or like or think will sell and I can do as many as my considitions will allow.

If you want to make money online it becomes a numbers game. If I can sell 2 books a month from each site and each book is an average of 5 bucks thats $120 for 12 months for one website or blog. If I can get 100 sites selling 2 books a month for 5 bucks thats $12,000 ….. One hundred sites or salespages may sound like a lot but it really isn’t. It’s about 8 salespages/sites a month or 2 per week. If that’s all I did for the next 5 years I can develop a nice $60,000 per year residual income.

If you play around with the numbers and if you have good products you can see what might be possible and then set some goals for yourself. Will each book sell 2 per month? …..No, some will sell 6 some will sell none.

The point is, good quality info products are probably the easiest and best way to add income with your online efforts …..only other thing is your very own info product or software.

I’m done….. sorry for carrying on 🙂


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