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Private Blog Network Development with DomCop

PBN's and Expired Domains with DomCopI’m in the process of developing a private blog network and am now doing the research on different tools and methods.

As usual there are many faux experts or so called PBN guru’s out there. Seems to be a handful of software apps that are hard to judge but at this point I have to say I’m not much impressed.

One of the big issues is hosting. I grabbed a hosting account at 1 click pbn’s which is an important componet of developing a PBN. Its important because you can host each domain on a different ip address and the type of ip address is important.

Also, the current trend is to develop your private blog network with expired domains.

This is easier said than done. Finding the proper expired domain is really quite complicated. Something that a good piece of software or code should be able to solve.. if you understand the variables that need to be considered.

I have Instant Domain Sniper. So far, its a piece of junk, unless I just don’t know how to use it. But, it hasn’t given me anything.

I signed up for a free account at DomCop, an online application that allows you to search expired and expiring domains. Within an hour I think I found a pretty decent domain. It’s easy to use, some decent tutorials and worth a look. You can get a DomCom free trial at

I purchased a couple of Private Blog Network courses, started all and haven’t finished. I’ll comment on those after I get a chance to digest the material.

I’ll say the one I’m impressed with the most is Derek Pierce and Joshua Zamora has some really basic, easy to understand information. But Derek Pierce goes pretty deep.

Will post more as I get my head around the process and concept……and the holidays come to an end 🙂

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