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Removing Background Images from Photos the Easy Way

I just watched a quick video made by Andy BrokBrocklehurst explaining how he removes the backgroud from an image. In other words, you have a pictue of yourself standing with an old girlfriend or boyfriend and you’re standing in front of a shopping mall.

Its a good picture of you, so you’d like to cut out the old girlfriend and shopping mall.

Once you have the image of yourself you can place any image in the background, you can even import a pic of your new girlfriend!

I guess Andy is branding himself and uses a lot of shots of himself and his bird but all his pictures have funky backgrounds. So someone asked him how he removes himself from the picture.

Sure you could use photoshop or any other expensive photo editor, but Andy has been using Youzign. Youzign is an image software that is very affordable and very effective. I have the program also and I know the guys at Youzign have put this app through constant upgrades. Probably one of the best image editors around, you can use for all your image maniulation and creation needs. Headers for your blog, facebook or twitter graphics …the list is unending.

Check out Andy’s Quick Tutorial about removing background images from photos the easy way right here:

You should also stop by Andy’s blog, lots of good stuff…. here’s the post for the video Andy is known for his software, good stuff, not real expensive but very functional. He almost always answers my email or support questions….. not the friendliest guy around but at least he isn’t a jerk. His prouducts rate 4 out of 5 and his support for me would be 3.5 out of 5.

I gave him an average rating on support for the couple times I did not recieve a response. Keep in mind, he might have never gotten the email or support ticket …..also I know he was pretty sick for a while.

You can get a copy of Youzign by “clicking here

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