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Review of April Lemarr and Chicken Coop PLR

Chicken Coop PLR Articles

Every now and then I will purchase some PLR material for one of my niches. I’d like to say I immediately rewrite the articles and post them but ….well, I don’t.

Still I save them for a rainy day, hopefully some day, I’ll be able to get caught up. What is most important to me is the quality of the PLR and how support issues are dealt with. Honestly, its not that difficult to write a unique article, I could crank out a few Chicken Coop PLR articles without a whole lot of effort. It’s the convience that counts, and having something to start your creative juices flowing. The other part is, how does the business make you feel. You spend your hard earned dollars and you expect to be treated with a degree of respect. Often times I miss sales because I’m sick, I know some plr owners will not flex at all when it comes to extending a discount link for another day ….and I’m fine with that, I might not purchase anything in the future, however, I’m not offended by their policies. But…. when the business cannot take to time respond to my issues or is rude and basically says get lost…..that really gets me upset.

To be clear…. April Lemarr and have been a pleasure to work with. I guess I’ve been treated rudely by some other IMer’s and wanted to get that off my chest. Boy, if you have a business and want to build it …..try some kindness, try imitating April and her PLR business.

I’ve gotten to know most of the plr producers over the years, I’ve been online than most of them and I’ve become a pretty good judge of content.

Also, I usually won’t buy any plr content unless its specifically good or something I need right away. So, I watch for coupons or special sales. Tiffany Lambert, puts out some of the best plr materials and is a sweetheart to deal with. I think you can get her updates here …. Tiffany Lambert

I should do a review of all the plr providers I have used over the years, I know I always appreciate an honest opinion before buying things these days and I have purchased a lot of PLR over the years!

April Lemarr Releases New Chicken Coop Private Label Rights Articles

That’s the other thing, how is their customer service? Some are just jerks ….so I usually just never buy again, or only when something is totally irrestible. I had a bad experience with Alice Seba’s plr business, not sure which one because now she has a couple, I think she started a new one called ListMagnets and used to have In fact, in a recent email or blog post she revealed just how successful she was, I’m happy for her but I will never buy anything ….unless really desperate, from her again because of the way I was treated by a member of her support team. My personal experience with Alice Seba was very good a couple of times, however, your business is reflected by those who work for you, if your issues are not dealt with and when you can’t reach the owner then you vote with your dollars. I’m sure my purchases are a drop in the bucket so she really doesn’t need my income.

Sorry… on another rabbit trail, or should I say chicken trail 🙂 Releases Chicken Coop PLR

I wanted to tell you about April Lemarr of, I’ve been reading her emails …purchased thru her affiliate links a couple of times and purchased a couple of her products.

I have a how to build a chicken coop blog that I’ve neglected for a long time, in fact…..a little aside, we have chickens ….only for about a year, the eggs are great but they require some work. They’re actually a lot of fun…. our kids love them, our grandkids 2 and 3, love to interact with them. The two turkeys are like pet dogs….. so thanksgiving came and went….Christmas and Thanksgiving were still alive, then Christmas came and the 2 turkeys made it through the holidays….. No turkey meat now, but tukey pets….I just couldn

‘t do it. Anyway, I saw April had a new plr pack on chicken coups and I picked it up I read a few of the articles and they are pretty good, she had a coupon so I got 10 articles for about 8 bucks.

Here’s a rundown on the articles.
Chicken Coops– Topics Included

How to Keep Chickens in the Yard – 468 words
How Big Does a Chicken Coop Need To Be For – 471 words
Easy To Clean Chicken Coops – 462 words
Where to Place a Chicken Coop – 476 words
Chicken Coop Basics – 470 words
What Does a Chicken Coop Need – 484 words
Basic Chicken Coop Requirements – 462 words
Chicken Coop Must Haves – 490 words
City Chicken Coops – 516 words
Raising Chickens in the City – 446 words

I did a copyscape check on one of the Chicken Coop articles, nothing showed up ….meaning none of the content was indexed by google, which means she either writes it as original content or has ghost writers creating oringinal unindexed content. Helps me because I can post the content as is…. you won’t be able to 🙂 Actually we all know, plr content needs to be rewritten to some degree, so use spinners but on virgin content like this its easy to adds some images, a video or two and maybe an intro or outro and you are good to go!

I really like to give a shoutout and praise to IMer’s doing well and provide a good product. If you’re interested in purchasing some good quality plr, check out April’s site at

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