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Review of Business Growth Content

Review of Business Growth Content

Here’s a quick Review of Business Growth Content. Jeremy Burns is at it again, this time with a new PLR product called Business Growth Content and I have to say that I have not seen a better product for the price. Forgive me for the hype but it oozes with value and if you are serious about providing content that you can be proud of then Business Growth Content is something you need to check out.

Jeremy has partnered up with Ken Walker, a professional videographer/trainer in creating a huge video training project in Business Growth for Content. Ken does an awesome job at presenting internet marketing related content to offline businesses…. the best way I can explain it right now.

Business Growth Content Review

Business Growth Content for Real Estate NicheThe concept might be a little difficult to wrap your head around until you see and see how the training is laid out. I think there are about 22 niches or so and each niche is built on each month, the intent is to help the local/offline marketer to develop their business through online methods. So lets take a look at some of the niches:

-landscape contractor
-etc…all niches that can afford your services

Then, each month one aspect of online marketing is developed and taught to each niche. But here comes the most amazing part. You might think the salespage, videos and pdfs are all the same for each niche except to change out “contractor” to “accountant” but that’s not what they did.

They reshot the videos and rewrote the training for each niche. So each is unique and focused on the niche that you are marketing to. This is really unheard of for the price….. if fact, I’m a little scared that they might not find it profitable and change the business model slightly or even drop it….. so, if you want to start a real business and get in on the ground floor of a Jeremy Burns PLR outbreak, then Click Here to read up and watch a webinar. I’m tired of webinars, tired of sales-videos but this is one you really want to see.

Nothing Like This Has Been Done Before With A PLR License! You literally get 22 separate full websites and members areas with a resale license. The full “BGC Members” packages includes over 1100 webpages, but don’t worry you only need to edit a very few of them to get your sites setup, and a full setup training video is included!

business growth content plr membership materialsThis is just a quick review of Business Growth Content. In fact, I’m doing it the hard way to start out, I purchased 22 domains ….and that’s not what they recommended but I really believe in this and getting sites up and operational. Creating a small membership or delivery site with this material will be “evergreen”. In almost all cases this material will never grow old, once you get it up and operating you can work as hard as you want to send traffic to your salespage, post facebook ads, adwords, press releases or articles. Do some video marketing and move on to the next niche.

I imagine they have a limited number of members so they will not over sell the Business Growth Membership…. I always have a hard time believing that, but I’m sure they want to keep the members happy.

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