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Review of Chris Guthrie, Dave Guindon and

Well, my first internet marketer review is going to be on 2 guys that have been around for a while and who really helped me right before Christmas!

I never got a chance to thank them because I became ill immediately afterward and never really got better, so one thing let to another and I just plain forgot to drop them a note of “thanks”, my bad…..I feel terrible about that and they probably think I’m a real jerk!

The 2 guys I’m thinking of are Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon, creators of a set of tools and courses involving Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba.

Chris Guthrie ReviewRight now I think their flagship product is AmaSuite Ver.5, an awesome set of apps designed to allow you to investigate and dig into the various platforms (Amazon & Alibaba) digging up various niches that are working well that would never be discovered without their tools.

You can find their tools at

I honestly don’t remember if I had a lot of contact with Dave Guindon, maybe once or twice. Always was dealt with cordially and quickly. I know the programs he has been involved with have always been successful and he always is trying to make things better.

I’ve probably dealt with Chris Guthrie more over the years, purchasing a handful of his products or services. Seems as though he personally always responds to my emails and is always looking for a amiable solution to my problem or question. Like Dave, all of Chris’s products have been effective and affordable …..always being updated. I’ve found Chris to be an honest, sincere and smart internet marketer and have enjoyed doing business with him in the past. I really can’t come up with any negatives for either of these two guys.

One thing that is always important to me is getting my support ticket or email answered in a timely and caring matter. Happlily, this is what you can expect when dealing with these guys.

Review of Dave Guindon Internet MarketerRecently, just before Christmas, I reached out to these guys with an issue I was dealing with and wondered if they could help. Chris Guthrie answered right away, had his support staff deal with me …and they seemed very effective, courteous and kind themselves and almost instantly solved my problem …..and it was a pretty big deal, at least it was for me. My only regret is I failed to give thanks to them for all their help since I was taken ill almost until now.

Check out if you are interested in selling anything on Amazon, either thru their affiliate progam or listing and selling your own products. Their research tools are priceless and will give you a good indication of the success you might be able to achieve. These two guys are a classy and honorable set of internet marketers and I’m really happy I’ve had the chance to work with them. You should feel completely comforatable using their products, in fact, you should seek them out!

Thanks Chris and Dave…. if you guys would like any other links listed in this post I would be only too happy to post them here, drop me an email at sparat at gmail ……

(I’m only doing this to give credit to the good guys and warn you of the jerks) ….see Review of Internet Markets for an explaination

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