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Review of Content Samurai A Video Generator App


Review of Content Samurai A Video Generator App

By now everyone knows how effective video marketing can be using youtube to promote products and services. Video, whether self-hosted, hosted on a site like youtube, which would be vimeo or wistia or 100’s of other selfhosted sites, is now a major component for anyone trying to sell something or share something online or offline. Explainer videos teach or share product info, product demos are good for affiliate sites, and videos featuring offline brick and mortar businesses yield fantastic results. All you have to do is have a quick way to generate a video, there are many video generators out there but I’ve found none as good as Content Samurai! Fast and easy to use for even the online novice.

I’m excited to be doing a review of Content Samurai a Video Creation application since I’ve actually been using it for a couple of months now.

The Fastest Way to Get Rankings with VideoThe problem with video marketing is that you need to create video’s. There are plenty of video creators out there. Some are OK, some… not so good. As with all things in internet marketing spammy video creators are starting to be recognized and you either get your video deleted or your account closed.

What if you are doing video marketing for offline clients. Do you really want to take a bunch of pictures and some text, push a button and then let some machine read the text as the images flash buy. I’m telling ya, that stuff isn’t working that good anymore and certainly won’t in the future.

Content Samurai is an online application that helps you to intelligently create a video and match text. You can apply images to your slides, you can edit the text on slides and when finished you read small chunks of text that are latter applied to that slide. It’s a little more complicated than that, however, that is the essence of it.

So in review of Content Samurai you’re getting a fast way to crank out video’s using a high end video creator that can be used for affiliate marketing, local marketing, product demonstrations, or just general information dissemination.

The only thing left to do is upload the video to youtube or your favorite video site and then do whatever it is that you do to get your videos ranked. A good place to start with uploading and ranking your videos is VidPenguin, I’ve had great results when using this program alone.

Two other programs designed to bookmark videos and a variety of different ways is by Joe Troyer and his program called Syndwire.

And there is my favorite, VydeoSyndAlpha by Tony Hayes, I use everything Tony Hayes puts out, most of it works, sometimes it goes back to development and might be crippled fys start to experience success…. they stop answering emails, they outsource their support and you can never talk to them. I’m afraid that has happened with Joshua, so….take a chance if you guy his stuff.

In an honest review of Content Samurai I have to tell you it wasn’t a very good video generator in the beginning. I think they let the app out too soon. After a couple of months now I can honestly say that a Content Samurai review would get 4 stars out of 5, maybe even 4.5 out of 5. It is a relatively simple program. You can crank out a video quickly by simply grabbing an article or paragraph and some images, follow the directions in the app and you’ll be cranking out videos in 15 minutes or less.

Keep in mind that the Content Samurai video generator provides images and music you can use with your projects.Stop Using Complicated Editors! Publish Hypnotic Videos in Minutes!

One of my favorite tactics is to create a very generic video, lets say, “time to replace your roof” and I make 60 to 120 seconds. Then I use a program like Viddyoze to create some quick intros and outros, I can create multiple versions of the main video or create new videos for many offline roofing businesses.

Keep in mind, this Content Samurai review gives you an idea of what it can do as a video generator and how you might be able to use it. The main point is that you want to create videos that provide real content that is useful, not spammy videos because no one is going to watch them. This is where Content Samurai shines, you can spend a little extra time and create an informative and effective video that will draw visitors to your site….all while informing the video consumer of your desired message.

When I experimented with Content Samurai I created videos for my son’s construction company. While it isn’t super hard to rank local videos, it is difficult to get them to stick. All the videos, about 12, for one of the local businesses are on page one of google for our desired keywords. Again, keep in mind, if you optimize the title and content correctly the videos will send their link juice to any specific page or site your are trying to rank for. I was able to get the index page of a site on page 1 of google, and I was able to get internal pages on page one of google. I does take a little time, but if you create real consumable content that gives your video viewer a solution to a problem…. that video will stick and you will get calls.

I could go on, tracking phone calls, putting phone number in title… but I simply wanted to do a quick review of Content Samurai video generator so you might know how powerful this app is and how effective it can be if used correctly!

If you want to do anything with videos, get Content Samurai…. you’ll be glad you did!

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