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Review of Domain Drop Catching Software

I’m always looking for new ways to analyze domain names, especially dropped and expired domain names.

There is all kinds of information available on domains that are expired and its important to find the right information so you can pick up domains that will help your pbn’s or your website. Starting a website with the right expired domain can put you miles ahead of the competition. Too many spammy links and you are deep water, therefore an expired domain is just not very valuable.

Domain tools come and go. Not too many stay very effective for any length of time.

Catch Dropped Domains

Anyway, I ran across a tool called “Domain Drop Catching Software” it looks like a unique app that could really help with collecting of expired domains. I all transparency I did not get it yet, this is not an affiliate link I just wanted to make you guys aware of it since it looked like a very unique type of domain finding software.

In all honestly, the website is poorly done and is kind of a turn off. However, that does not mean the software/application is not worth the price. Many times a coder might be an excellent coder but just doesn’t know how to build a website ….so do not let that affect your decision to give this a try

They have lots of good information on the site regarding domain dropping and catching as well as finding expired domains. For instance:

How to find expired domains?

There are many places to get the expired domain list, some are free while others are paid services. is probably the best place to get the expired domain list, and it is free. You can register or not register to find expired domains on And sometimes it seems more convenient to search the expired domains while not login to your account because as a guest visitor you can only get the to-be-dropped domains within the most recent two days, which is usually enough and you will not be distracted by too many domains in the search result. To use with Domain Catcher, you should focus on “Expired Domain Names” instead of “Dropped Domains” as dropped domains can be registered manually in no hurry.

From provides many filters for searching the expiring domains. Your objective is to find the ones you want and insert them into Domain Catcher before the dropping time.

What is the exact drop time of a domain?

The official exact drop time of a domain is not clear. Usually .com/.net domains are dropped from 11am PST(12am PDT/2pm EST/3pm EDT/7pm UTC/3am BeiJing) to 2pm PST(3pm PDT/5pm EST/6pm EDT/10pm UTC/6am beijing). .org domain is dropped between 6:30am PST(7:30am PDT/9:30am EST/10:30am EDT/2:30pm UTC/10:30pm Beijing) to 7:30am PST(8:30am PDT/10:30am EST/11:30am EDT/3:30pm UTC/11:30pm Beijing). Be sure to run Domain Catcher earlier not to regret to miss a domain.


Can Domain Catcher catch .xx tld?

Domain Catcher uses API of respective registrars. Consult your registrar for what tlds it supports.

More Unique Domain Applications

Looks like they have a couple of other useful domain finding and evaluation software/apps. One is called “Domain Name Generator and Checker“. Again I do not have it but it looks pretty unique if you are into domains you might find that these apps are a little different than the standard internet marketing junk that’s out there.

DFY Expired Domain Screening

You might want to consider letting these guys dig up some domains for you, again, I have no idea how good it is but if you are on the fence with doing it yourself or letting someone else and these would be important domains in your network ….then consider their service.

If you are very new to finding and buying expired domains then the learning curve can be pretty high. They offer a domain finding and qualifying service for you called “Expired Domain Screening” …they explain some of the pitfalls of heading into the domaining game without a solid understanding of what the numbers mean and where to find the numbers.

I will probably get the “Domain Drop Catching Software” and “Domain Name Generator and Checker” ….just have my hands full right now and I really wanted to share this resource with you even though I did not have it and like so many times, if I do not write about it now I will forget 🙂

If you pick one of these up, please leave a comment!

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